Saturday, January 14, 2006

Amber's haircut

Don't she look cute? I love this look for her since she won't let me put her hair up or do much to it unless its a special reason.

Me and mom argued wether this looked like a halo above her or horns. It wasn't me that said angel. lol

At least she likes her picture taken.


Last Sunday at bowling we all did rather good. I have finally beaten my high score of 137 and now its 146. It took all i had to get that, so i can't imagine beating it any time soon. Darin also bowled over his high score of 141 and got a 145! He's really into it...but mostly he tries to beat his dad in bowling. We were up against some bowlers that there averages are higher than we can imagine, but it helped that we had a high handicap.


Just got done watching a movie called "Half Light" and i thought it was great! It's not out till Tuesday but I do recommend you watch this, it has Demi Moore and she acted her but off in it. I won't tell ya much about it because anything i say might ruin it for ya...
I also recommend "Transporter 2 ", this was action packed. "Lord of War" with Nickolas Cage was interesting. He's been doing better movies lately, i was no fan before National Treasure, that was the best movie i have seen him in for awhile. "40 year old virgin" was funny.

well i just wanted to post something real quick before i went to bed...gnight all


MrsDoF said...

Amber looks so nice! Almost like the old Dorothy Hamill wedge.
I'm like her in the way that I don't like doo-dads in my hair. Besides, my hair is so fine that even little girl barrettes cause breaking.

A 146 in bowling! I never ever broke into 3 digits, so you are doing great.

Anonymous said...

Aww... she looks cute! I know what you mean about the little devil thing though. My favorite blinky on my message board says "I love to make home made gifts. Which one of my kids do you want?" Hey if you ever get bored you should come on over! Everyone is real nice. I need to check out that Demi Moore movie. Thanks for the tip. It seems like we have the same taste in movies. I know if you suggest it I'll like it. :-D Bianca