Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Is it sad that my husband and I are under senior citizen age and we LOVE BINGO?! Amber came to sit and watch us and guess what came with
yep, her camera...

waiting to start.. don't i look intense to start.

we never win....we are very charitable.

Mom likes to come, it gets her out of the house. Don't it look like she's taking a massive drink?
It's something to do when you don't have alot of money. Safer than going to a bar and cheaper than attorney's and fines for drinking and driving.


Finding my way said...

I have always secretly wanted to go play bingo

Anonymous said...

I use to love playing BINGO. I haven't played in years, but I use to have so much fun. I never won either. But, don't give up hope, you just never know!!!!

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

I used to help facilitate a charity bingo weekly event a few years ago. It's amazing how protective and territorial some of those 'regulars' were!

Hey, if it's good and you enjoy it - go for it! i know a family who spends their Tuesday nights playing lawn bowls together - and they absolutely love it! Whatever works for you guys - go for it.

Mal :)

Stacie said...

if you enjoy it who cares what others think~!

Anonymous said...

Bingo is a full contact sport in some places, be careful!

I love the new banner on the top of your blog! That color is beautiful, roll with it... change it up and have some fun!