Monday, December 01, 2008


The Wednesday before Thanksgiving was my only day off for the next 11 days, so I had to put up my Christmas decorations. I find myself putting up decorations more simplier every year. Could be because the kids are grown, could be because I am old and can't take the cold Usually my yard is full of stuff. I still think my little house looks cute :)

picture window

left side is a snowman and it says let it snow and the middle is a candy cane and right side is santa saying ho, ho, ho.

left window is a snow flake, and the right is a snowman.

My Christmas tree...we used to have a 7 1/2 foot tree..but like i said...things got a little simplier thru the years. I just got this 4 1/2 foot tree last year. It's so simple and i don't have to make special room for it!

Darin feasting at Grandma's

On the left is my cousin Steve and on the right is my Uncle Ed...he is 95! He don't look a day over 65..and to this day would go up on his roof if he had to! He is one busy guy for a retiree

My Aunt Sally is 88 years old, she is truly a god send! She is very charitable! Humane Societies, poor people, She even supports family in Poland by sending care packages all the time. She is truly a Saint and has a special spot in Heaven!

I know you all were waiting for a photo of moi! moving on.

The troop is i can get a descent photo of all of us...Darin sticking out the tongue and Amber had her sights on the TV. great!

I got Amber to dress up a bit...I love this's so her!
I had to laugh after seeing this pic...J-Lo would be so jealous of her bootie :)

My Mommy :) She Loves us so! Great Dinner MOM!

My card holder waiting to be filled...Ain't he cute!

The top of my entertainment center...This is not everything that I would put up there...but yet again...simple is starting to be my middle name :)

Amber recieved one of her Christmas presents early...she wanted a digital camera and she is snapping photo's left and right for her "my space" She has taken like upteen pics of herself.


T said...

Aw, those are great pictures. The Christmas decorations are perfect!
We use to go all out every year, and then just quit all together. We don't even put up a tree anymore, so you are still going strong!

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Michelle said...

Cute decorations!

liz said...

You have an amazing family.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

*just so you know, I had to take my blog down. Something about not telling the hubby about it. Hope it will be back up soon

Karmyn R said...

SWeet. Right now we are in full decorating mode. The kids were begging for them. I like the idea of simplifying, but I guess it won't happen until my kids are much older.

Team Gherkin said...

GREAT pictures, thanks! Lots of good family memories there :) reminds me to get the tree and stuff out and up soon-ish :)

I can't believe it... the band has found three gigs in three days, all for this month. wOOt!

Mal :)

Finding my way said...

Hey Liz here!

new blog:

Stacie said...

what a great journey you took us on through your pictures, thanks for sharing!

FoxyMoron said...

Caroline I love all your decorations. Your house looks very festive. You might think you've simplified things but your house will beat ours hands down.

Merry Merry!