Monday, December 15, 2008


Amber got her camera and it's been nothing but flash here and flash there...if it's not the dogs it's pictures of her...I am going to share a few of the pics that i actually liked that she took. Pretty creative using a mirror in some of these.

A girlfriend spent the night and she used her friends lip ring in this pic...I say ewwwwwww and i hope that she washed it before putting it in her mouth.
Also the girlfriend got her to crimp her hair and put make- up on so she looks a little girlie ...

I have to admit she is pretty..isn't she?

this is much to old for her!
Watch out boys...i am an owner of a rifle!
Just as soon as she dumps her camera again I have pictures of my son shaving his mustache for the first time. It was a sad day and i am not talking to him! Yes, i know he has been shaving his beard for some time now...but his stache was the last of his baby It's killing him that i won't talk to him. I even got kisses from him, but i still won't talk! Oh well, more milestones that i am going thru!
Amber got her progress report...umm errrrr let's just say i am not happy! She has 5 weeks to get them grades up or I am not even putting another dime on her trip! I would never had dared to come home with a D or an!!


Karmyn R said...

She has beautiful hair!!

And I think girls grow up way too fast. We probably always have, but it just seems faster now days (or maybe that is because I'm an adult looking backwards at it).

gammamoma said...

aww! Leave the boy alone, he's going to be shaving for a LONG time to come. Hes not a baby
Would you rather he grow a long beard? LMAO!

gammamoma said...

He said he wanted a waist long beard before...

gammamoma said...

Anber IS BEAUTIFUL, but I wish she would SMILE MORE!
She has a great smile!
She looks, what they say, EMO, (sad) She has such entrancing eyes!

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Gotta love a new camera! rofl

Anonymous said...

Shes pretty.... what about a smile once in a while. The guys like happy girls! Sad girls are so last year :P

Very nice!

T said...

Great Pictures. Amber, smile in at least a couple pitures, you are really pretty!

Getting a new camera is fun, isn't it?:)

Stacie said...

TOTAL MYSPACE pictures. ;)

she is a pretty girl.