Monday, December 08, 2008

Betty Crocker has nothing on ME...LOL

Starting at about 10 a.m until 10 p.m. my oven has been on and cooking away. I have all the cookies that i am going to cook for now done. Amber took a shot of me preping cookies.

Amber was my chef's assistant. We got so much done together. She was really enjoying mixing all the batters and getting her hands into everything. Thank's Amber!
It was one great way to spend some quality time with each other. I was impressed how much she knew about measuring and stuff that she learned from school.

Between the both of us we got the following baked today.
1. An orange and cranberry cake (this is just from a box mix that i purchased)
2. A banana bread (also a box mix that i purchased)
3. brownies
4. chocolate cookies
5. thin mint cookies
6. pumpkin cookies
7. butterscotch oatmeal cookies
8. Krinkles cookies
9. banana bars
Here are some pics of what we got done...also some of you don't know that I belong to a recipe blog and have posted some of the recipes to these cookies on there.
Always a favorite for everyone here, neighbors, co-workers and anyone else that takes a bite.
MMMMMMMMM Pumpkin cookies
w/0 frosting
triple batch was made because everyone wants their own.
with frosting
Thin Mint cookies
Inside each of these cookies is an "ande's mint"
single batch
Krinkles..these are just the whip of Krinkle cookies ever!
double batch was made

Sadly these did not turn out like I was hoping.
this recipe i got from the nestle butterscotch morsels was the new cookie of the year.
I'm not diggin them like I wanted to
I think if i make these again I am going to follow the chocolate chip recipe and put in the butterscotch chips instead. Hubby says he doesn't mind them.
Only made a single batch.

double batch of chocolate chip cookies!
who cares what these look they will be gone in a few days if hubby and son has anything to do with it.

I made 2 frosted banana bars. One for our home and one to divide up.
yummy goodness of bars :)

I made 5 trays to hand out
1. for mom
2. 2 for special neighbors
3. one for frank's work
4. and this tray is going to my work.
That face has the look of "I love you mom"
Yep that is my heart kitchen in the background...I told you I loved hearts..LOL
Now don't get to thinking that I do this all the time. For some reason in December I get the bug to bake.
Darin got his report card for second semester and he is doing shall we say "AWESOME"
3 A's
1 B
2 C +
GPA of 3.222
Honor Roll student! Wooohooo...
Can't wait to see what Amber is getting...I am praying that she is doing just as well!


T said...

Wow, you have been busy in the kitchen. Send some my way, yummy!!

congrats to Darin for the FANTASTIC report card.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

So, can i invite myself over and drop in and sample some of your baked delights? lol.

Oh yay Darin!!!

Mal :)

caroline said...

Mal, you can come over anytime!

Karmyn R said...

Now THAT is what I call "Cooking Mania". That is a lot of cookies. They look very yummy.

Congrats to Darin! That is great.

Stacie said...

shut, thin mint cookies???? *drool*

T said...

Hey Carolyn,
I posted an award for you today on my blog. Feel free to pick it up. If you don't want to play, I understand.