Sunday, December 21, 2008


Today was my day off after an 11 day stretch!

Lets see what did I do?

1. cooked breakfast for the family...eggs, bacon, toast. It's a real treat for the family.

2. Went to Entenman's hoping to get a gift certificate for someone that loves their cakes and donuts...only to find out they don't have them...oh well perfect excuse to purchase some cakes for the house. Oh well plan B

2. went to Walmart to try and figure out what i am getting my clue got Amber one more gift tho and purchased guinea pig food.

3. Went to Plan B for my Aunt and got Ponderosa gift certificates only to find out I had to go to another to purchase them because the one i was at is no longer selling them.

4. Went to Dunham's (a sport's store) to see if they may have a size 14 boot for the growing boy and I did find a pair for $50.00 ..and since he was there we just gave them to him and said Merry Christmas...because as you can see in the last post we do have alot of snow on the ground!

5. Went to Toy's R Us for something, but changed my mind and am going to plan B for that.

6. Went home!

7. Went to dinner.

8. came home and decided to look at some recipes for cookies.

9. made more chocolate chip cookies because this family LOVES THEM!

10. Ran across the recipe for above picture and thought it would sound good.

Turns out they are good...kinda a sugar cookie but with peppermint taste. Turned out good..

I posted the recipe on the shared Recipes for Disaster Blog.

Amber is my super chef's assistant and loves to cook just as much as i do.

She's very creative too! See!
Who says they have to be striped...nothing wrong with a marble candy cane!
Well the only other thing that I have done on my day off is sitting here and telling you all the day I was having.


Middle Class Mid-West Mom said...

I am so raiding your house. All those cookies. Must smell awesome in there!

Karmyn R said...

More cookies!! You are making me feel inadequate! But, I did make a rum cake.

I think I had a few Plan B's myself this weekend.

Shadowe said...

I gained weight just reading this post... damnit! Merry Xmas and all that hullabaloo to you and yours hon.

caroline said...

middle class- I'm locking my doors..lmao

karmyn-i would never make you feel that way...but i would love a slice of rum cake ;)

shadowe-thanks hun...hope yours is wonderful also.

FoxyMoron said...

Yum. Well done cookie baker extraordinaire!

I had all intentions of making cookies this year as I found some great recipes on mostly US sites, but my oven door makes me nervous.

Still, there is tomorrow yet.

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Enjoy each other :)