Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas at my house

When we woke up on Christmas day I decided to take a picture of all the cards that we had gotten. My snow man was full so I moved on to the archway leading from the living room to the kitchen.

We ended up with something like 30 cards..pretty good compared to some other houses that i have been too.
I feel blessed and loved!

Thought i would share a few pics of what Christmas looked like at my house.

Amber loves these fishnet arm warmers!

she liked the paint splattered wrist warmers

you can see how well the perfume went

and the body

Darin says he will be stylin in some new jeans!

I think those were some earrings.

Darin really seems to enjoy the cologne or body spray..he lets me know when he needs more all the time. He does smell good. Which is important when your in high school!

Amber was totally excited to get a new cd/radio player...I won't hear from her for days.

Amber loves the new jewelry i bought her.
especially the choker and a necklace that has a scull on it.


Darin got the long john's that he wanted for hunting. He likes them very much!

this is literally Darin's favorite cd! He also had it memorized before i had even purchased it.

new pj's for Amber...
don't tell her that i bought it on clearance for $

After all the excitement Amber had to go put on most of her jewelry and new stuff to strut around in.
not bad for semi-gothic eh? I think she looks cute!
Since Christmas Day I have worked everyday and don't have a day off till January 8th 2009!
Just the way things ended up at the the hospital.
My husband took the kids out to the stores the day after Christmas to spend some of the cash that they had received and guess what! My daughter got herself a second ear piercing and with her money purchased me a new pair of earrings...they were even hearts! She scored major Mommy points there! She did not have to but she said that she saw them and thought that i would like them. She's a keeper :)
Well that was a glimpse of Christmas as my house.


FoxyMoron said...

How sweet of Amber to get you those earrings! My kids do similar things of generosity, we've raised them well you and I haven't we?
Thanks for sharing your Christmas with all of us. These are the things I love to read and see, the ordinary family type stuff that other people do.
Glad you enjoyed your Christmas Caroline.

Anonymous said...

It is so nice that you have Christmas with your family like you do. There are so many families out there that really have a harder time, and those of us who have the more traditional family type holiday should be grateful. I know you are, and I am as well. (hugs)

Happy Holidays Caroline!

Finding my way said...

Sounds like a great Christmas!

You kids are amazing.

BTW, why did you stop following my blog?

caroline said...

foxy- I do my best with what i got hun...I also love reading blogs about families..

shadowe..your family just sounds wonderful...since your on the road alot i know you treasure every moment.

Liz-so sorry about the mix up...i did some cleaning up and i guess i accidently deleted yours.oops..totally my bad..i love your blog! Thanks for letting me know

Finding my way said...

You get to be at the top of my list now!

Finding my way said...

Ta Da! (I have been following it through Google Reader!)

caroline said...

I feel honored to have you follow me Liz :)

Anonymous said...

What a great family Christmas! Everyone looks so happy and you can tell your house is full of love. How sweet for Amber to get you those earrings!