Friday, March 23, 2007


Frank is a new man now that he has a much better job than he had. On Wednesday I decided that before the bed arrives on Friday I would put up the new ceiling fan for the bedroom that i purchased almost a year ago. Well i got the old one down with no problem, but when Frank got home i asked him to help me put up the new one(two hands are better than one)....Now if you know Frank and I, you would know that any sort of assembling of anything would cause us to be cursing at eachother and things getting thrown. Not this time folks! We did it without any broken bones, blood, or using the lords name in vain. This is a good sign Frank is in a better place.

My poor Darin is very sick! He woke up this morning saying his throat was hurting him a bit. I gave him some motrin, but something told me to make a doctors appointment and then go get him out of school. Around 9:00 a.m. i called the doctor and the earliest i could get was 2:00 pm. I ended up getting a phone call at 12:30 pm from Darin's school saying that he really wasn't feeling good and asked to come home. I informed the Nurse that i was going to be getting him in a half hour and taking him to the doctors anyway i would be right up.

When i got him in the car i felt his forehead and sure enough he was getting hot! Took him to the doctor and the doctor said he has an infection in his throat. Poor little guy, well not very little, i was just informed that my son is 1 1/2 inches talling than me at the age of 12! He has antibiotics and i had to go buy him some adult tylenol in the liquid form for the fever. He don't like swallowing pills. My daughter has no problem with pills, but Darin hates to even try.

Amber came home yesterday with her shoe torn apart, so that was a trip to payless shoe store to get her a new pair. OMG, the girl is wearing a size 9 shoe now! She's 11 years old! While we were there she picked out the most ugliest sneakers, folks they are green and white, we are talking MICHIGAN STATE (the football team) green and white. I tried to talk her out of them but she just kept saying that she really liked them. Well to avoid a scene and to avoid drama queen in action she got her wish. I really should be happy because they only cost me 10 dollars but GREEN is just not a color on my top ten list.

Tomorrow i may be making some cookies since my local store has all kinds baking ingredients on sale. I have a couple of cookies that i want to try out.
G'night all


Mojo said...

Hi caroline! I just saw your comment in my blog and zipped here real fast to answer your question. I had RNY, a gastric bypass surgery, and have lost 82 pounds as of today in the last 7.5 months. I weighed 240 pounds with a BMI of 48.6. My surgeon has a goal of 119 for me, but I'm working towards 115. :) A great place for information on WLS & the types of surgeries available is
Going to read more of your blog now!

Team Gherkin said...

Glad you've got a ceiling fan up and stress-free in your bedroom before the upcoming summer hits you! yay!

Yeah, throat infections are nasty little things, huh? Funny about the pill-taking... one of my sons is like that too! The other two are fine...
Ya, at 13 1/2 my eldest son is already half and inch taller than my 5' 10" height! Gagh!

Heh heh. Girls and their fashion-sensibilities, even at eleven huh? wow... now, my three sons would *never* carry on like that... no no no... [looks about sheepishly...] heh heh. Who am I kidding? lol

Mal :)
PS. Good too see you back around. Hope the new puter is working well for you and you're getting the hang of all the little eccentricities all new systems have! heh heh

Dak-Ind said...

welcome back! its so nice to see you back up and blogging.

green and yellow shoes is the preferred ugly for Duck, but those are the Oregon Duck colors, so i guess we endure the ugly for the sake of what he thinks is cool. the big deal for Duck now is the Hooters tshirts. we brought him one home from Florida (he didnt get to go with us... that pesky C on his report card)... now we cant get that shirt off of him. sigh.