Thursday, March 29, 2007


Frank is still doing wonderful on his new job. He looks forward to the next day now.

My job on the other hand is cutting my hours down again. Also when i picked up my last prescriptions i found out that i have already maxed out my yearly allowance for prescription drugs. Not good when they cost me $300.00. Frank's insurance i still have to wait till he has 60 days in. I will have to see if my doctor has any samples left to tied me over. I doubt it because i was informed not too long ago that they will no longer carry samples as of last January. Or i will have to pick which pills are the most important and wait till the insurance kicks in.

My son is going on his Washington trip in April, he is looking forward to it. We got a list of the things that he will be doing while gone.
cleveland zoo& rain forest
and a swim at aquatic center

Annapolis Naval Academy
Museums on the mall
Smithsonian air and space museum
Smithsonian natural history museum
Smithsonian African art
WWII Memorial
Jefferson Memorial

Goup Photo at U.S. Capitol
White House Photo Stop
Daniel's story at Holocaust Museum
Arlington Cemetery Walking Tour
Marine Memorial (Iwa Jima)
Illuminated Tour of MemorialsVietnam/Lincoln/Korean/Einstein

Day 4
Gettysburg Battlefield Tour
and return home by midnight

That's really alot for just a few days. But i am sure that he will have alot to talk about when he gets home.


Team Gherkin said...

wow, that's no good about the cost of your meds! Pooh! :(

Your sons trip to DC sounds amazing! Lots of thing I'd take a look at if I ever get there myself :)

MrsDoF said...

Oh, yeah, the cost of prescrip meds is ridiculous. In fact, I told the CNP last time I was in that if I didn't have inusurance, I'd just stop taking the thyroid medicine. It actually makes me feel worse for half of every morning.

The Field Trip tour looks about right on schedule. I remember 7th grade trip to Pittsburgh when we did so much. A Group Picture wasn't part of it, though I wish it were so.
I didn't have a camera, so I didn't get any nice pictures. I remember buying a necklace at a museum gift shop and wearing it through most of high school.
My parents changed houses when I was in college, and it seems like a box of my treasures (I had stored under my bed) did not make it over to the new place.
Maybe that's why I am so reluctant to let go of so many things around here, even though my sons tell me they will never want any of it again.

I've never been to the Viet Nam Memorial. It's the one place in DC I'd like to visit.
My brother says the WWII is great. He sent a picture of his oldest son with the statue of FDR.

I did a report about the battle of Gettysburg when I was in high school. Our oldest son memorized the Gettysburg Address speech written by Abraham Lincoln for some event in 8th grade and he delivered it very well, in front of crowds of people. He gets his poise from his dad.

The written word always reminds me of the movie REMEMBER THE TITANS when Denzel Washington makes his whole team jog over to visit the battleground.