Thursday, April 05, 2007


In one weeks time i have 2 very strange dreams and they are driving me crazy just to think of them.
Dream 1
It's the day of my son's trip and everyone slept in till 8...i know the time because in my dream i woke up and look and start screaming "were late". So i start scrambling around the house to pack him up look up the trip route and i am bound and determined to get him wherever they are so that he can finish his trip. What really bothered me was that i actually woke up very panicked!

Dream 2
I am back to working at McDonald's and we are finishing cleaning up and we are closing. I go lock one of the doors and just as i come back in.... there are customers in the store and my crew are serving them! I politely get these people to leave and i lock the door again. I turn around and all of sudden the customers are in my lobby again. I push these people back out and lock the door ...this time i lock the door and push on it and it opens....again...i lock the door and push on it and it opens again...i do this a few times and realize that something is loose on the door and i tighten it and it finally locks. I turn around and my lobby is full of customers and the crew are serving them...Now i am mad...i look at my watch and notice that i have to be back at work in about 4 hours and i can't keep the people from coming in. I walk over to an area in the lobby and see like a community of senior citizens and i am asking them to leave that i was trying to lock up the store to go home and no one is's like i am not even there. But the urgency to get these people to get out is driving me batty...... I wake up feeling panicked and pissed off.

Ok...i'm editing this because last night i had another weird dream
Dream 3

I'm only writing it down because all 3 dreams are so vivid and maybe somewhere down the line they may mean something to me.
In this dream I am at the hospital and i just had a baby...don't know what it is but does not seem to be a major part of the dream. But while my husband is holding the baby and my kids are playing with the baby, I am on the other hand going crazy because one of the nurses just told me that they are not releasing me for at least a month. No one wants to tell me why i can't go home. I'm crying and screaming that i want to talk to the doctor to find out why. Frank tells me in his sweet voice don't worry i'm sure thier is a good reason. But i am still going frantic, saying "how can you be so calm? My insurance only covers up to 10,000 in hospital stays" and i also say " just having that baby took 10,000" " I have to get back to work, we are going to lose everything" . I stand in the hallway looking and screaming "where is the f**king doctor" every nurse is avoiding my questions. They just say " we are trying to find him and he will be happy to tell you what's going on". The whole dream is of me screaming and crying " why do i have to stay a month?"
These are the weirdest dreams and the fact that i keep remembering them and waking up panicked is really driving me insane.
The thing that all these dreams have in common is i am well aware of a time thing going on.
In the first dream it's about being 2 hours late...the second dream is about i only have 4 hours and the 3rd dream has to do about a month...they all seem really important in every dream.
Am i insane? Can anyone make any sense out of it?

My husband says that i have some weird dreams. I agree...but the fact that i can't get over them is what is bothering me.

Kids came home with really good report cards! Darin again came home with A's and B's, I am so proud. Even the Math grade that was at a C 5 weeks ago he actually got back up to a B.....My little Honor Roll boy :)

Amber came home with all B's and C's ...more B's than C's. She was really struggling with math this semester. But i am really proud that she is doing the best that she can.
Amber had to sign up for this science fair. She has to put it all on a presentation board and work and experiment and everything. We chose to do the rainbow in a glass, using sugar, dye, and water. should be interesting. Projects, Projects, and Projects....

I had a grocery store call me and ask if the hours i listed on my application were the only hours i could work. I told her that i had another job and that i could only work during the day while the kids were at school. So that blew that.
But in the same instance i was thinking "yeh, otherwise i would have put open availibility or negotiable". I guess i was just discouraged.
Well i'm off to bed now...


Team Gherkin said...

Dreams are very vivid sometimes, hey?

I had a dream many years ago that someone I knew had died, and I awoke so upset that I wasn't convinced he was still alive - until I actually saw him! wow! heh heh

Some people say that dreams supposedly mean something. For me, I'd say its just your subconscious out for a short stroll! Maybe ur stressed about something, but - who knows?

Glad to hear how well your children are going at school. Mine two youngest are going well also, as I saw after a 'parent-teacher night' last week. The eldest one... I should get a report card-thingy next week.

Don't be discouraged too much about that work situation. You need to set yourself personal boundaries, and you stood by them. That's a good thing, as hard as it feels. Hang in there. You're doing a good job being a full-time wife and mum as it is.

Mal :)

Monica said...

I think I prefer it when I don't remember my dreams. I don't know how you remembered them so well. Well enough to even write them down. That was just wild.

Glad to hear the kiddos are doing well in school.

Don't get too discouraged on the job front. I didn't realize that you weren't working at all. I thought they had just cut your hours back.

You know one of these days I want to pick up the phone and chat with you. (Hope that doesn't sound "stalkerish" or anything). I really enjoy reading your blog and the comments you leave on mine.

Good luck on the job hunt! I wish you lived near me and I could definately hook you up.