Saturday, April 07, 2007


I hope that everyone has a wonderful Easter!

I will be working, this is really sad! For those that don't have to work on Easter be nice to the one's that do have to work. Be a little more patient because they are probably working understaffed, like me that past 2 days. I know i would like to be home with family, but we all can't have cake jobs.

My kids are excited about getting their baskets....i got a small amount of candy and a couple of summer outfits a piece. If i had more money i would have gotten a couple of cd's or games, but you can only do so much.
Clothes seemed more important to me.

Have a great day!


Team Gherkin said...

Thank you for providing a service to the folks of your community by working over easter! Thank you! [[[hugs]]]
Hope your children and family enjoyed some good time together :)
Mal :)

MrsDoF said...

Happy Easter!
I hope there is a holiday bonus, even for what is considered a religious holiday!

Dak-Ind said...

i know what you mean about money!

i am so fortunate that my mom and my older sons family decked him out for easter really well! Indy ended up with three easter baskets, and enough candy to last until next easter!

i hope you and yours had a good day!

Monica said...

I do the same with my kids. I don't really give them a whole lot of candy. So the Easter Bunny brings a couple of outfits, coloring books, and knick knacks.

When on a budget, its always best to buy something they need.

Sorry you had to work on Easter. That's always been the nice thing about having an office job. No work on weekends or holidays. I had Friday off for Good Friday and took Thursday as a vacation day, so we had a long Easter weekend and went home to TN to visit my parents.

Hope your doing well!