Friday, February 10, 2006


On Tuesday my husband found a paper stating something about his job moving to Kalamazoo. On Wednesday he asked questions about it and found out that is what thier plan is. We were told that we have a week to decide wether we are going to sell our house and move there and keep his job, or get no unemployment and no job. For a minute we panicked and said we might do it. But the more we thought about it, the more we knew it wasn't for us.

The list of why we shouldn't was longer than the list of why we should. Even with the promise of a raise and more hours it's not going to work for us.

1. If he does get alot of hours, who is going to take care of our children while i work? We know no one in Kalamazoo. If it was only me and Frank i think we would actually consider it for just a change of scenery. Or if the kids were old enough to be home alone it might be under consideration. But not now!

2. I have/want to be here around my family, my mother mostly, what if something else happens to her?

3. The kids with school/ they are doing great in school...pulling them to another environment might mess them up and i will be raising 2 you know were i am going with that. But think about can be cruel and if your not accepted..your screwed.

4. What if i transfer my job there and i absolutely hate the place, the people and so forth. I love my job where i am. My crew i could not ask for better. And they love me....They have told me that i cannot move what's so ever! My boss even hugged me and said that i can't leave her...You know i was balling out of control then.

5. What kind of guarantees are there if we do move there that the place will not lay him off down the road and we are still screwed and no one to help us and no family around and stuck in Kalamazoo.

6. I love my house...It actually is the house that i had been dreaming about when i was in high school...i knew when i walked into the place that this was it! I remember having a dream with the same rooms and lay out and everything...I love my neighborhood, my neighbors and my house. I don't want to go.

Reasons to move:

1. Frank keeps a job
2. Raise/ more hours.

As you can see, not a hard choice.

But then i had to figure out how to survive while Frank is looking for a job and no money from his part coming in.

Well obviously we are going to try and get unemployment, even tho they say they are not going to give it...My mother called to see if their was a way to get it...They did say that we would have to fight for it, But because of how far they are moving, we may have a chance.
But meanwhile
1. Cash in Frank's 401 k for housepayments.
2. Of course i need medical..or rather all of us. So i will have to get it thru my work...It's not great ..but something is better than nothing...especially with prescriptions.
3. If i have to cash in our life insurance policies...that is another option
4. I will get a job back at mcd's if i absolutely have to...i have friends still in the business and i know they will kill to have me back.
5. Thankfully my van will be paid off in another month so that will be one bill less a month.

So there ya have it newest nervous break down.
The first day was the hardest for me. I could not stop crying...but i'm glad me and frank were able to talk civil to eachother and decide that Kalamazoo was not where we were heading.

I'ts only been 2 whole days to swallow all this and his boss wanted an answer today...Can ya f***ing believe that????? Frank just told him that we are still thinking about it.
I guess the guys that said that they were not going, are getting treated like crap by them and that is a good plan to get out of unemployment ...make them quit.. i told frank your going to have to eat crap so that we will get that unempoyment check.

Well to bed.


Mallard said...

That's awful they would treat their staff like that! I'm glad that you have both agreed toigether that your future lays where you are rather than moving away. I know it's a tough, disorientating time, but my happiest thoughts are with you all.
Mal :o)

MrsDoF said...

A terrible way to treat fine employees.
Your reasons for staying put are more than adequate (especially a house and decent schools), so no one should be blaming you for refusing to jump right in.
The rules for collecting unemployment vary from state to state, but being unable to relocate on a week's notice should not be enough to get rejected.
I'll hold good thoughts and send positive vibes for your family.lofyr

MrsDoF said...

Oh darn it! The word veri thingy was in the wrong place! Ignore those last few letters on my last comment.....

Anonymous said...

Oh man! This is awful. Caroline I'm so sorry you and your family are having to go through this. Keep your chin up girlie. Things are bound to change. I'll keep you in my thoughts. (((HUGS)))~Bianca

Monica said...

It's been so long since I have had a chance to read your blog! What a bummer for you guys! I know how difficult that must have been for you guys. But when your already settled into a nice house, near family, kids are doing okay. I totally don't believe I would want to move either. I'm so sorry to hear your hubby has lost his job. Hopefully he will find something soon. I'll keep you and your family in my thoughts and pray that he finds something soon. Does he have an updated resume? And I would definately fight the unemployment. Fight it 100%!!!! I bet it will end up working out in the end.