Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Got Pics!

So this past weekend i had was wonderful!!! Saturday i did not do much of anything until my bestest friend in the whole world came down from hickville(lupton) michigan 3 hours away for her kids to wrestle in a city right next door to me. It was great seeing her.

Sunday we all got up and went to the local school and i got to watch all of her kids wrestle for the first time...they tried so hard!!!

Barb and I have been friends for like 27 years! She is wonderful...I miss her madly! But her love of animals and wanting lots of them sent her to a place with plenty of acres for all sorts of animals...from the outside and on to the inside. She should charge admission to her's a zoo!

These pics are going to be so random because i don't have the energy to fix them...

This is her daughter Jaycee, She is 17 and she enjoys wrestling!

Jaycee is wrestling an adult about 35 years old. She gave him a battle!! But he was very experienced ...I was so proud of her, she did give him a fight.

another pic of her

and yet another.

she took second place

Here is her son Masen.

he took second place

Masen again. Aka...the "stick"


and yet another

this is her neice Anna

Anna again

Her son Jorden he took 5th

Jorden again.

and yet again.

This is her neice Anna before her match

This is Masen and his long hair! If i had a pair of scissors he would have gotten a hair

This is Jaycee and her boyfriend Josh. They make a cute couple. He is also into wrestling and from what i hear very good at it...but because he has ringworm he could not wrestle this day.


I have a very special place in my heart for this girl Jaycee. Her first year of her life i practically
raised her, due to bad circumstances with her mother I helped alot.

God I love her like she was my own.

Jaycee after her defeat...She felt so bad...but she shouldn't she gave a great fight.

In other news.....Yesterday 3/03 Torro here got another year older! He is 6 now! He was born on 3/3/03 not hard to remember that birthday...I was there when he came into this world...He has made a special place in my daughters heart...they adore each other!

Who could not love this puppy?
Things have just been looking alot brighter...I got a letter from the IRS, at first I thought i was getting audited, but apparently they found a mistake in my favor for some more refund to come back to me. That was great news!!! Next time mom and me will have to have all the right forms and plenty of sleep so we don't make stupid mistakes like that one.
On Monday when i went back to work at 6 in the morning I had no idea that i would end up staying until 9:30 pm 15 and 1/2 hours...they were 4 people short for the night shift...I really like our night manager and could not see doing that to her... so I volunteered, I was going to leave at 7:15 pm but she really needed the help in the dishroom after the dinner rush. That was painful to be working that much, but what made it worse was that i had to be back at 7 the next morning. Needless to say I was exhaused! I caught up on some sleep today, because Frank was home, so he took the kids to school..Thank God! The great news is that all of Friday and Saturday will be overtime!! wooohooo...
We are really getting excited about our trip. I've been looking up things, sites and things like that. Just getting away from work and day to day drama is well worth it.
Well that's all that's been going on.


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

wow... lots of good pics. thanks!!!!

FoxyMoron said...

Great post Caro! Good news to get something back on your tax for a change.

And I LOVE planning a trip, let us know, when you come back where you stayed so we can check it out.

Jen said...

they do make a cute couple. With curly locks like that, all the girls probably swoon over him (which is probably why he grew it out). I know how you feel about Jaycee, though, because I had to take care of my nephew for a few months, sans his mom. It's really hard to be so far away from him now.

Karmyn R said...

WHAT!?!?! She had to wrestle a 35 year old man?! That doesn't seem very fair to me. NO, that just seems downright wrong. Someone her own age and gender.

I miss my best friend too - I wish she lived closer (that is why my phone bill is so high!)

momma said...

Wow between the wrestling event, the old friend visiting, and the extra hours working you must have been really dragging. But it had to have been a good time anyway. The extra work makes you sound like my daughter so I can relate. I hope the plans for the trip continue to go well and that you will have lots to talk about when you get back.

momma said...

Sorry for the double dip but I had to say that your furry friend looks like a real sweetheart. Add a birthday pat from me.