Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Amber loves taking pictures of herself...

Not alot has been happening....Amber's test results show that she is in normal range for everything. The doctor says he gives up and there is nothing else that he can do for her. Told me to start taking her to children's and see what they can do. So now i gotta see what i have to do so that my insurance will cover children's hospital and whatever they do.

My weight is staying the same at the moment. Hating dieting right now! But my sugars are still awesome, so that is one good thing about dieting! My will power is not as strong as it once was.

I'll get back on the boat again soon.

I don't get alot of time on the computer because I have been pulling alot of doubles at work. Tomorrow will be my 4th double in a week. Trying to make some extra money while I can. I am going up North for a few days for a graduation party and see my bestie!!!

Well that's about it for now....Ya'll take care


momma/mary said...

You will get back on track soon. It is difficult when the weather is so warm and nothing really tastes good. Take it easy on the doubles--my daughter does the same thing and it sometimes catches up with her.

River Glorious said...

Caro, just drink extra water and eat salad first. Shhh, that's not dieting!


I hope you can get the insurance coverage you need. Make sure the doctor writes a referral of Amber's case to the Children's Hospital so that the insurance company can process it more quickly.