Friday, December 09, 2011

Just a couple things I whipped up.

I was looking for a reason to pull out the old crochet hook. This was so quick and easy! I can make a granny square like nobody's business! lol

Been busy working, baking cookies, Christmas decorations, Christmas shopping. Last few days I have just been really tired.

Last weekend my husbands brother came out to visit us for the first time. We had a good time, we all went to Frankenmuth for the day. We went to Bronner's and everyone picked out new ornaments for the tree. I picked out a double heart for Frank and I, Amber picked a pig of course (she loves pigs). Darin picked a cute little Yeti (his nickname is yeti at school) Cuz he is so tall and harry and the last name. lol Then we ate at world famous Zehnder's, it took us and hour to be seated, but well worth the wait.

Sunday we woke up and had breakfast, and chit chatted a bit and then dropped his brother at the airport. It was a short visit, wish it was a better weather, we could have done way more with a little more time. Oh well, maybe next time!

Well I have to get off here and get ready for work. I will make an effort to post more often, I know with facebook I have laxed on


momma said...

Don't feel bad Caroline it seems every one that has both a blog and a face book account suffers from the same malady. But from one who is anti face book I can only say I miss reading you!!!

Cheryl said...

I hope you can click on this and be able to post. I added you the manual way, so I think it looks like I am following you twice!!
Let me know if you still have a problem.

You are so clever. I love what you made. It sounded like a nice visit, too bad it was so short. I am having a visit very soon, with a new friend I made, she is flying in from down south. Gotta get the whole family on a cleaning binge, LOL.

I love how each person picked out a decoration. I use to have a tree in each girl's room, and each year bought them a decoration. My thought was when they moved out, they could take all the decorations with them and have a good start with their own homes. Sadly, that fell by the wayside. I wish I kept it up.

Enjoy your holidays. Focus on the blessings, there are blessings all around, big and small.


MrsDoF said...

Lovely little stocking ornaments. I like the colors.
My sons each have a box of "over the years" holiday decorations waiting for them. Since they still live in small apartments, and no children, they have no need for all the older stuff.
I'm hoping someday to do some clearing out, one way or another.

T said...

You did such a nice job with those. I wish I liked to crochet, I'm just not a craft person.

I have fallen behind on my blog since FB too, it happens to us all.