Monday, July 10, 2006


Well everything is back to normal now on the old computer...thank God!
But where do i start?
How was everyone's 4th of July? I was working on the 4th so we celebrated it on the 3rd by going on a picnic to our favorite park. We woke up extra early and had breakfast in the park. I thought my father was cooking breakfast for everyone..but guess who got stuck with that! Yep, me! After breakfast my husband and my kids went fishing at the lake. I could not go :( because i have not yet got my fishing license. Amber caught a few sun fish and hubby caught a few too. Poor Darin, the one that wanted to fish the most did not catch anything.

Amber wanted to go swimming before we started to make lunch so off to the beach we went. All of a sudden Amber was talking to a girl, as i was wading my legs in the cool water. I was thinking "man that girl makes friends easy"...until she came over to us and said "Mom, this is olivia from school". Amber really loves to swim and i was glad she had someone to talk to and play with, the water was nice..but not nice enough for me. When we went back to the picnic area i found my son cooking lunch. He really was enjoying flipping burgers and shucking corn.

After the picnic, i had to go to work for a meeting. I was pretty tired when i went and I really hate going to work on my days off. I can't plan anything for the whole day because i have to go in for an hour, just to hear all the complaining about this and that. :P

But in the evening we went to the Hazel Park race tracks fireworks for a spectacular fireworks show. They really did out do themselves this year, the fireworks lasted at least an hour. I love the fireworks that go up in the air and looks like someone thru a bunch of silver confetti.

I've been trying to keep the kids busy with things. And i do have a small trip planned at the end of the month. I am trying to save some money to take them to King's Island for the day. King's Island to me seems like a small Disney World. Rides made for the whole family to enjoy and it also has a huge water park. It will be lots of fun. Then in August I have a weekend planned to take me and the kids to my best friends house up North in a city called Lupton, to see her zoo! She has so many animals, turkeys, pigs, chickens, goats, dogs, snakes, many reptiles that i just have to go see them and her family!

Frank is bored out of his mind these days. Yep, he is back to unemployment for the time being until his job gets busy again. Damn permits! He has been looking for a job that he may stay working, but as you know, that's really hard.

A few days ago we took the kids to Walmart to put some clothes in lay-a-way for school. They really did not have much for Amber in the way of pants out yet so i may have to go back and put another in a couple weeks. Amber is in a difficult size now and that makes it hard to find clothes in her size. She is out of kids and not yet into i guess she is in junior miss? I put some underwear in lay-a-way and i had to guess her size...i started out holding size 5 up against her and that looked ok...but then i thought with her j lo butt i better go a size
Darin is maintaining his sizes...He don't need to get any bigger, do you all know that at the age of 11 he is staring into my eyes!

Well i guess i will hit the hay.

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Monica said...

I can't believe its time to start looking for school clothes! Your smart putting things in layaway now. We're lucky we have some really cool consignment shops in our town. We even have a teen one. They only carry really nice name brand good condition clothes. I buy most of my kids clothes at the kids consignment shop. Sometimes you can find really good deals and sales at JCPenneys to.

Glad to see your back. Hope everyone is having a great summer!