Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Mom's got a new do!

Mom finally is trying something different with her hair. She has never had her hair so short, i guess you can say that my hair inspired her. She finally spent some money on herself! She deserves it.
I really like it on her. And as far as i know she likes it too!

Next thing ya know she will be wearing hootchie clothes like daisy dukes and tank just kidding ya!


Monica said...

I think the new do looks great! She should definately take some time out and do things for herself. Moms.... :-) It looks nice and cool for this long hot summer we are having!

MrsDoF said...

The haircut looks nice, especially in the summertime!

Since I don't like to be thinking and fussing with my hair, I keep mine short all the time.
Just wash it in the shower, comb and air dry.
Besides all that, I pay only $5 at the beauty college up the road. That fee includes a shampoo and conditioner and the student and two Instructors attention.
Spoiled, is what I am, so I hope you come to appreciate easy care also.

Monica said...

Hey girl, its been awhile since you last posted. Hope your doing alright.

I was wondering if you have a mysapce page. If you don't you should get one. Both Jess and I have one and its been a lot of fun. I've met up with quite a few old high school buddies.

Hope everything is okay your way and can't wait to see you back blogging again.

I know how busy we all get during the summer when the kids are out of school, vacations, etc. Hope your doing well. Take care.