Tuesday, October 17, 2006


All i can say is it's really interesting this week.
I left off with breaking my finger...that is now feeling way better and i am able to type without pain again. That was so much fun and my finger turned so many pretty colors of purple.

Just 2 days after all this my daughter started complaining about her ear hurting her and it turned out that she had a bad ear infection..She is much better now with a weeks worth of antibiotics in her system.

This Sunday my son was jumping on the trampoline at the neighbors and did something really stupid landing his full weight on his ankles. The way he was acting you would have thought it was broken, but I knew it wasn't ...it was not grossly swollen and no black and blue...so the only thing it could have been was a really bad sprain. But just in case i rushed him to our doctor and confirmed it was badly sprained and he was issued crutches because he could not put any weight on it. But today you wouldn't know that anything was wrong with him other than a small limp.

The good news is i am finally caught up with my bills:)
I got a new washer machine and dryer...but that is another story...here let me tell ya it.
Friday Frank and I went to ABC warehouse to purchase a new washer and dryer because my dryer just refused to dry anything anymore and the washer machine was borrowed from the neighbor and he was telling us that his machine was acting up and he would need his back when his broke down. Well Frank took the old ones out and Saturday they delivered our new ones....Soon after they left my husband noticed that the dryer had a pretty big dent in it....well we paid for a brand new dryer...soooooo i have not done laundry since last Thursday...And the new one will be delivered on Wednesday. You should see the mound of clothes that i got to do as soon as i get it hooked up.

I'm still looking for a different job. I wish that i didn't have to, i really did love my job. But these days it's just unpredictable. Frank is going to apply after work at another job tomorrow. Cross whatever you can that he gets it...it's more money and great medical insurance!

Amber has been taking hip hop dance class...and she is really getting good at it. She is excited about it, she wants to sign up to do the dance competition on December 2nd. It's going to be in Lansing. I've already put my day off at work to go and see it.

On Thursday i have to take my truck in to get the windshield wipers fixed...they won't work on fast speed at all. This won't be good if rain and snow is coming down to hard to see thru.

The only way to end this tale is to say


Mallard said...

wow... what an eventful week! Makes mine sound completely dull and boing! heh heh. Glad things are kinda moving along for you all... tho probably *not* in the way you had invisioned tho! Gagh! Sending you all my happy thoughts. Hope Amber goes well with her hip hop dancing.

MrsDoF said...

That's weird--my car had to have the windshield cleaning fluid pump replaced this week. It is definitely time to get ready for winter!

Crossing fingers for one of you to get a decent job with bennies. The co-payment on my medicine got raised to $20 a month. Something happens to our head of household we'll be in quite a mess.

Good Luck to Amber!

Dak-Ind said...

dont you hate when you buy new stuff and it comes to you "not new"? i have the same problem with my sofa. when ya pay over a grand for a brand spanking new sofa (with a nice 2 year warranty)you want it to be a "good sofa" right? i have been back and forth with our furniture company since feb. when we bought it and it still sucks. been waiting over a month for the repair people to come back out. at least the dryer people are ocming fairly quickly for you!

Anonymous said...

Awww... I'm sorry you broke your finger. That's just crap! I'm glad to hear that Amber is liking the dancing. I wish I could get Elena interested in it, but she's too damn "emo" to do anything but sulk around all day. sorry to hear about the boy cub spraining his ankle, but we all know guys don't have as high a pain threshold as girls do. I guess that's why we're the ones who have to bear children-lol Also keeping my fingers, toes and eyeballs crossed that you and hubby both get better jobs! Take care hun!