Friday, November 03, 2006

Halloween coverage!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!
I was lucky to get to dress my daughter up for Halloween and go to her school and see all the wonderful costumes. The school has a parade for the parents and other students. I took my mother to the parade and we enjoyed all the new and original costumes. This man is Mr. Turner, my daughter's teacher. He came as Fred Flinstone, he almost looks like him with his stubble on his face.

My daughter chose to be a hippie this year...I absolutely love the costume! She loved it too! I drew a peace sign on her left cheek and i drew Love on the right cheek in bubble letters. She got rave reviews at school. She won second place for costumes in her class. I guess a princess beat her this year. Last year Amber won first place with her skeleton pirate.

The glasses had little peace signs on the lenses. So adorable!

Well I really got depressed about not being able to take Amber trick or treating. This was the first year that i was not able to walk at least a hour with them. I had to work! I know she did fine with her dad...but you know how it is.


I got a pre-test from a hospital and apparently i passed it because they emailed me saying that i move on to the next phase. (what ever that means)...I would love to get into a hospital, more job security. Their will always be sick people. The bad thing is that i have applied to so many of the hospital jobs i don't know what they are interested in hiring me for. I'm sure whatever it is i will be able to do it just fine.

I'm still looking for a full time job with benefits. And my husband is still looking. Until i get his license fixed, he can't be too serious about it at the moment. I payed his ticket and i have already mailed the money to reinstate is license in New Jersey...then i just have to see what else i have to do.
Well report cards are coming soon...i am totally confident that my kids are doing great!
Darin has brought home A+ progress reports to most of his classes...It doesn't leave much for the teachers to talk to me about except how nice my son is. Darin is getting an A+ in algebra, I had a hell of a time with that...but he is getting it.
Ambers grade does not send out progress reports, other than a weekly not saying if they have late assignments or their behavior in class. But so far their are no bad marks against her. I do know that she is not doing so great in math...and that is/has been an ongoing battle.
Well i'm off to bed...


Faira said...

I love seeing the costumes everyone comes up with in the spirit of Halloween, ha, ha! From the adults to the teenagers to the tots and the pets.

I saw two really neat ones last year. One was of a child done up as a mcdonalds french fry package complete with fries. And the other was a pregnant lady, with her belly painted as a very, very, large pumpkin face.

Amber said...

those pics are adorable! good luck on the job hunt......