Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving

The morning started at 5 a.m. to get things packed up for the downtown America's Thanksgiving parade. By 6 a.m we were seated and enjoying our donuts and hot chocolate waiting for the parade to begin. The weather was gorgeous! Was not cold at all while we waited for the parade start another 3 and a half hours later. The parade was one of the best i have seen in while.

But when the parade was done i had to go to the bathroom in the worst way! It hurt so bad just to move. Thank God Starbucks was open, but the wait was almost unbearable.
*Mental reminder* no hot chocolate or water during the parade.

When we got home which was pretty early, we pulled out some christmas lights for the cutter. Frank always gets on the roof and does that part for me. Since he will not be here to assist with the other decorations that i will be working on Friday. *It's beginning to look alot like Christmas* is running thru my mind when i see the lights.

So around 1:30 in the afternoon i went to my mom's for dinner to see if she needed me to do anything. I had went over there on Wednesday and helped with the cleaning the house, chopping all the veges, making my special cheese dip for the crackers and i made the deviled eggs that really went over well.

We had so much to eat,
mashed potatoes
cranberrie sauce
all kinds of veges
green beans
sweet potatoes
deviled eggs
cheese and crackers

It was sooooo much to eat, but the best stuff was the stuffing! Mom's stuffing really was the best she had made ever. She did make it a bit different this year. All i have to say is " do it again, do it again"
I hope everyone had the greatest Thanksgiving ever.


gammamoma said...

thanks for the compliments! the only things i did different with the stuffing is adding 2 small cans of chicken stock to the regular giblets and onions and celery and butter while making the stuffing. I think it added a lot of taste to it too. Thank you thank you all!

gammamoma said...

Hey, you forgot to mention also the great bowl of fruit punch that I made too! lol~!

MrsDoF said...

Looks like you all had a fine holiday!
We had just the 4 of us, two parents and two sons.
Plus an extra cat. Just wonderful!

We haven't gone back to my mom's in the Ohio Valley for Thanksgiving since 2002.
It's hard to travel, with the boys having to work the Friday after.
I did at my last job, too.

We had a bottle of wine, from a vineyard in Australia. Now that all the younguns are legal age, it was nice.

Faira said...

I am glad that you had a great Thanksgiving dinner. We had just my husband and I this year. My husband was just getting over a cold and I had just seen my doctor... lower your cholesterol and lose 5 pounds! So turkey and green salad for me this year, ha, ha! But I love reading about everyone elses great dinners!!!!