Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Where does the time go?

Time has just flown by! One minute i was celebrating the coming of the new year and now the first month of the year is already gone!

Is anyone seeing a better year yet? We have already hit some bumps in the road of 2007. A major one is taxes. I owe the state for the first time in my life a great deal. All because cashing in Frank's 401k didn't take any state tax out. Also Unemployment is investigating a couple of weeks of checks, all because the company wrote the wrong things on their paper. I know i am being very vague, all because it's all personal, but i wanted to share the stress that i am under.

Just got Amber's report card and she is on the honor roll for the second time this year, she says that if she does it for a third time she will be invited to a pizza party! I haven't got Darin's report card yet, I will be getting that tomorrow. I am not worried but he is a little worried about social studies. I'm sure he will still be on the honor roll.

Amber will be starting her dance classes again on the 5th of Febuary, she is so excited! I hope that now she kinda knows everyone that she will do even better than last year. I wish Darin would show some interest in something sporty. I am pretty sure that the next flyer i get about a family bowling league i will sign us up on it. That's the only thing that he was actually into.

My job is sucking more and more everyday. Lately i have come home drained! They want you to be able to work miracles in a couple hours. I've still been applying online for jobs. But i really feel bad for Frank. He HATES his job!! I hope that he will be able to find something in a little cleaner place, making a bit more money and with benefits.

Well now that i have fully bummed you all out. I am hitting the hay.


Monica said...

Exactly, where has this month gone. Where has the last 6 months gone! I have wanted to catch up with you for ages, but things at home and work have just been so chaotic. I dont' even know where you and Frank are working now or anything. The kids look great. I hope to catch up on your blog today. Hopefully I'll be able to get back in the swing of things myself here soon. Take care.

caroline said...