Monday, January 01, 2007


Amber and Masen(my freind Barb's boy)
don't they make a cute couple? He's destined to make 6 digits when he grows up. He is the smartest kid i know!

My bestest friend in the whole world who left me to move 3 hours away to open her own I miss her! I am so happy that we got be with each other for the new year.

Hello 2007! Since there is a 7 in this number i am hoping for a better year than 2006!
We celebrated with my best friend Barb and her family and my mom popped in to rush in the New Year!
We had some snack items, did some dancing to the radio on channel 95.5 was playing some of the best songs to dance to. Then we played some card games while the kids were in the rooms playing games, having pillow fights, and whatever else they do to occupy their time.

Frank does not drink anymore, just a beer every now and then, so he decided that he was going to get himself drunk. He really regretted it around 12:30 am. when he started to throw up everything that he drank, ate, and then some up. I was happy with my one wine cooler :)

Well HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! I pray for better things to come in 2007!


Mallard said...

Great pics! Thanx! You're all looking darn fine :)
Mal :o)

MrsDoF said...

This made me realize that I have not written about the New Year's party we went to!
hhmm, maybe that's a good thing!?
The hosts provided quite a variety of booze, and several folks agreed.

I learned long ago that getting drunk brings payback.
I had about 2 ounces of champagne to welcome the New Year, which was enough for me.

You look like a fine bunch of friends to have around and celebrate.
I love the Care Bear t-shirt. I've had admiration for them even since my oldest son had a Care Bear theme party for his 4th birthday.

Anonymous said...

How old is masen?

Anonymous said...

Mason looks like my best friend from 5th grade

caroline said...

Masen is about 13

caroline said...

This is a test...only a test...

caroline said...

this is a testa again