Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone enjoyed their Christmas and I hope Santa was very kind to you all!

I was woke up at the butt crack of dawn by 2 children that will remain nameless ahemmm(Darin and Amber) begging for me to wake up and watch them open presents. You should have heard them when i told them they were going to open them after dinner at my mothers. You would have thought the heavens were going to open up and lightning was going to strike down on our house. lol Of course i was kidding! I set up the camcorder and the ritual began....each gets a gift opens it then the other opens theirs and so on and so forth. Clothes discarded like mistakes under the tree...while toys and games and anything really cool, got opened and examined like disease under a

Amber favorites were the nintendo ds lite and her eeyore fleece! I got that fleece for a major bargain! regular 30 dollars on sale for 12.99 and i ended up paying 9.99! She loves eeyore and for the life of me I don't know why ....we never watch winnie the pooh...??? go figure.

Darin favorites of course was the nintendo ds lite and the jewelry he got. I got him a skull necklace and ring, i also got a necklace made out of horse shoe nails that one of my customers make for the holidays and money goes to "toys for tots".

Of course their most favorite gift was what they got from Grandma and Grandpa! Spending money to get whatever they didn't get from us. Darin spent the day today looking for games to play in his system and Amber was pretty conservative today. She did buy a game and a couple posters and she even bought a haircut today when i went to get mine.

They still have money ....but want to hold on for other things.
I took some of my money and got my hair done and bought some really needed socks and undies. The things that i put off buying for myself.

Christmas was wonderful, and i think the best ever, if i could erase the 5 hours that i had to work. This year there was no 2 car hauling of gifts from Grandmas and Grandpas house to mine. Finding a spot for every toy, no assembly of toys, no batteries recommended. No headaches what so ever!

Mom did a fantastic job of dinner! Everything was great as ever. I went over on Sunday and helped prep Christmas dinner, whatever she needed a hand in, i was there. We had stuffed cabbage, italian sausage, polish sausage, ham, potatoes, corn, biscuits, all the vege trays, cheese trays, pies, cakes etc. etc. etc. she did outdo herself. :) Thanks MOMMA ...LOVE YOU!

I scrubbed the bathroom down for her, thankfully my sister did a great job of helping with the rest of the house for her. I aprreciated that!

Today was an off day for me, so shopping was done, hair got done and believe or not...ALL the Christmas decorations down and put back in the garage....I love getting my house back to the way it should be after Chritmas. Plus, just in case it decides to dump alot of snow on the ground i am not stuck with the decorations forever and not in bitter cold!

I pray that the New Year will bring better things to come for everyone!
Merry belated Christmas and if i don't get back on here....HAPPY NEW YEAR!


gammamom said...

LMAO! Caroline, your words, that clothes were discarded like mistakes under the tree and the good things inspected like disease under a microscope just cracked me up! Im glad you all liked the dinner and money gifts, and I hope everyone gets all that they wished for. Love,

MrsDoF said...

And, so Happy Christmas!
This looks I'm glad your holiday was grand.
~~love and Huggs, Diane

Mallard said...

Wat a great family Xmas! Thanx for sharing with us! Whoo hoo!
Mal :o)