Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Dancing in Silver!

As you all know my daughter has been going to hip-hop dance classes. Well for the past two months they were doing a routine to prepare them for a dance competition that they just had on Saturday. We had to drive 1 1/2 hours to Lansing for this competition. We had alot of fun watching all the kids doing their routines on stage. So many talented kids!

Amber's team did really well for only 4 students showing up! THEY GOT SILVER MEDALS!
I'm so proud of Amber and her team mates! She is thinking of continuing classes and trying out for the next level of dance class.

Amber is in back on the left...performing

Amber in back and on the left.

Amber and her teacher Miss Alexis(in the camoflauge outfit)...Amber is looking down at her Silver medal she got.

You go girl!


Amber said...

that is awesome! I can't wait til my daughter gets old enough for dance...Robby had his first year of soccer, being 6, and was painful to can only get better from here!

MrsDoF said... nice.
Congratulations on the Silver!

Mallard said...

You GO, Girl! Well done and congratulations :)