Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pre-holiday wishes

If i don't get to tell you this before the holiday, HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!!!!

Everything around here is pretty uneventful. I went to the Darin and Amber's parent teacher conferences. I CAN tell you that they did survive. Darin did push his grades up...but not so well that he was on the honor roll. I am a little disappointed, only knowing that he could have done it if he just applied himself. He was lazy starting into the year is all i can say. But now that i have talked to all his teachers and told them what an excellent student he was last year, all the teachers are expecting much more from him... Is/was that bad of me? I just think i kicked him into gear a bit. Because lately when he does his homework, he seems a bit more into it.

Amber did very well, her grades are exactly what i thought she was going to get. Except in Band...(yeh the class that i thought would be a waste of time)but i gave her the benefit of the doubt and let her give it a try. She got an F. I from the beginning did not think it was a class that she would be devoted to. So before anymore damage was caused i pulled her from the class. She agreed with me on taking her out of band and seeing what other class she could try. She is now in computers...(this class i know she will excel in).

But on a lighter note...both kids are liked by the teachers...they went on and on about how well behaved they are in class. It always amazes me when they tell me that.

Can you believe Thanksgiving is so close...and Christmas is just around the corner! Has anyone else started Christmas shopping? I have gotten a few things set aside for the kids, just a couple of items for them to open ...then i might stick some money in a package to let them get whatever they choose to go and get.

I'm trying to talk my husband in just purchasing a small tree to put on top of a table so that our big tree will not take so much space!
Also the fact that i work so much that i don't have alot of time to decorate the house to the hilt. The kids are older now and they know that there is no such thing as you-know-who, so i don't see the point for all of it.


Frank is off doing that male bonding thing...Hunting...dumb! But if he wants to go sit out in the cold and freeze for hours...let him.

Also everyone needs to visit my mothers site and ask why she hasn't posted my kids school pictures yet! lol my sister's kids have been posted for weeks!

well time to go to as usual in the morning.
Insert sleep here!


Team Gherkin said...

It's always refreshing to hear how well our children are going at school. Thanks for sharing.

There's one more birthday to go, here, before I can even begin to think about Xmas! Gagh!

Mal :)

gammamoma said...

OOOOPPPS! I forgot to scan them before I put them up into the frames I have across the one wall in the family room. I'll get onto it right away!

caroline said... have wallet size pics ya know!! lol