Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Is it me or does Darin look really happy to have his picture taken? Geesh, with all the money you spend on school pics is it too much to ask for a smile? Amber, what can i say, I hate how she did her hair! Makes her face look pudgy! And then i look at her chest region and think my god that's a 12 year old? Once i look past all that i see two beautiful children and they are mine :)

Thanksgiving was excellent! It was really nice in the fact that i only had to work 3 hours the whole day. We spent our Thanksgiving with my mom, dad, sister, Aunt, Uncle and cousins. The food turned out really good other than the stuffing. I usually gobble alot of that, but for some reason mom strayed from her normal stuffing and it just did not hit the spot as usual. She agreed that it was just not the same.

Frank spent two weekends up north trying to hunt for deer. Of course he did not get anything, he said he saw lots of deer and actually shot at one but missed. He also told me that him and his buddies got yelled at for being on private property. According to them they were on a very fine line of private and public property. Oh well, i just call it some time for male bonding.

Last weekend after i got off work, my daughter and I went into the garage and pulled down everything that i needed for Christmas decorating. I started with the outside because i knew it will get colder soon and i still had some daylight left. Then i worked on the inside, once i get into decorating i work until i am done. I have to say that my daughter was a great big help!!!!!! She always has been a great helper! She put bulbs on the tree, she helped with putting decorations in the windows. I had to move our entertainment center to another wall, so she helped me with that.

When i tell people what i do in one single day people are amazed. Employees at the hospital thing i am a work-a-holic. I tell them if i could figure out a way to get paid for staying home i would! Or for that matter to get things done without actually doing them, i would be the first to sign up.

Well i'm off to finish laundry and get ready for work.


Diane said...

I love that you let your kids do their own thing for School Pic Day.
The personality shines through.

My mom always had us wear something we super girlie, and did our hair super stylish (also known as troublesome when it came to having fun at recess).
The only school picture of me that I actually like was 8th grade, and that was because Mom had to be at work real early that day, so we got to dress alone.

For my sons, I told them to not wear anything with writing or a picture on the shirt, otherwise they were fine, and looked alright for the class/yearbook photo.

I didn't buy too many of them, since their dad and I are both camera happy and got some fine memories.
I did buy them each a yearbook every year so they could remember all the other kids in their classes.


Dak-Ind said...

i have been so lucky with Duck's pictures. his school pictures have been really good lately. we had a few lousy ones in days gone by, but its fun to remember... like in 3rd grade when he was running 101 temp adn still had to go get his pic taken... he came home from school right after pictures and missed three straight days after, but he got the pic!

i cant believe i have been watching your children grow up for the last nearly two years. they are beautiful, and you can tell they are loved, and free to be themselves. what more can a kid want, really!?! (everything, yeah i know) anyways, thanks for being willing to share your lives with us, although strangers in many ways, i feel like i know your family, and am richer for it.

happy holidays!

Team Gherkin said...

All my sons school photos have turned out... so far. mind you, I've yet to see this years' set yet! heh heh

Mind you, there's one of me taken when I was about 14 that is, frankly, awful! heh heh

Thanx for reminding me to put up my Xmas Tree here... the box is sitting there ready to go. tonight, tonight, tonight!

Mal :)

Team Gherkin said...

Just missed saying hello toy ou online. Not to worry. just gonna say a friendly "Hi".

Hope you're having a positive week. Don't forget to get some "you"-time in there as well!!

Mal :)