Sunday, February 07, 2010

The projects just keep coming!

I found this beanie pattern on youtube and used the rest of the yarn from my 2nd hat to make this cute little hat...

Darin liked the pattern so much, but did not like the colors so he asked me to make him a beanie with colors that he liked. I chose Black and grey for him and wiped this hat up in just about one day! He loves it!!!!!

My first hat found a home with my mother, god love her, it's not perfect but because it was my first project she insisted that she wanted it! I just need to find a home for the 2nd project (blue hat) and the 3rd project (blue beanie)...probably will go into some donation box.
I love crocheting! I knew that i would. Plus it really does keep my mind off food.
I have yarn for another hat project in darker blues and then I will be working on a couple afghans (or at least try).
Well take care!!

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momma/mary said...

You are really doing well with the crocheting. I'm glad you found something to keep them little hands busy!