Thursday, March 18, 2010


I got a call while at work, it was Amber's school. The lady on the phone said "Amber is really sick, she would like to go home". When Amber got home she called me to say that she got really dizzy and was kinda double visioned. I thought right away dehydration. Called my doctor and he told me to send her to a e.r. with a pediatrics in it. I left work, took her to the e.r. and now they think she has gerd and gave her some zantak and was told that if she is still throwing up to set up an appointment to see a gastro doctor. The not knowing is killing me. How did she all of a sudden get so sick? I hope that she will be ok soon.


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

I've been following her up-and-down health progress... it's no good, feeling so sick all the time! Poor Amber! I hope things turn the corner for the better quickly and soon [[[hugs]]]

momma/mary said...

It has got to be hard not knowing what is going on, seeing her so sick, and feeling helpless to make her better. I hope things get better and her Doctor finds out what it is and how to treat her.

River Glorious said...

Caroline, my prayers are with your Amber... My daughter's name is AmbAr...:)