Wednesday, March 17, 2010


FINALLY after 2 weeks of nothing changed....I lost 3 pounds! 29 pounds gone!! go me!!

I took the bike for a descent bike much as I could stand yesterday and then went a little bit further. Today I did not go as far because the legs are hurting something awful and my butt feels like i have had But I did about half of what i did yesterday so my body will get used to it.

Amber is in bad shape....6 straight days of vomiting everything that enters her mouth. I will give it until Friday and call her doctor and see what he wants me to do. You would never know that she was sick until she vomits!! Doctors are saying it's a stomach flu...but no fever, no nothing but vomiting! She did have diarrhea for a bit, but that has now stopped. I was checking out stomach flu on the internet and says that it could last 1-10 days...I have never in my life been sick with the flu for that long...Poor girl....I hope Frank and I don't get it!!! I will probably get it when i have my vacation...that would suck!!!

anyhoo, have a great week and if you got a chance send my daughter some healing prayers. I'm worried!


momma/mary said...

I hope Amber will soon be on the mend. A child who is sick is a worry no matter how old they are.

Good job on the loss!

gammamoma said...

Im proud of you darlin!