Friday, April 09, 2010

if you want to know.

I've been on vacation so I was not able to weigh myself this past Wednesday. But today i had to stop by my job and pay on some bills and get some prescriptions so I stopped by my favorite scale. It showed that I had lost 3 pounds since being gone from work! 33 pounds gone!!! 2 more pounds and I hit a major milestone for myself!

Amber went to have the test with the scope down her throat on Wednesday. They did not find anything, no hernia, no ulcer's, but they did some biopsies to see if there is any kind of bug in her stomach. I don't think they are going to find anything. I am still thinking her gallbladder...every syptom fits...even the symptom that attacks happen more at night...she does puke more during the night...seems like more tests and it's going to take even longer!!! Poor girl...I'm just glad it's not as often.

She still is puking, but not really food or drink, more like a thick mucus, still belching like crazy, she still has pain on her right side. This sucks, the not knowing! If this was their kid they would be all over it!! The prevacid ain't doing anything much to help.

In other news I went out with a friend of mine to a couple places i have never been before. I went to Memphis Smoke which had a blues band playing, it's a type of bar and grill was not all that bad. But realized another friend of ours had to be in the neighborhood and decided to drop by his stomping grounds and say hello. We went to Pronto's in Royal Oak, those that don't know it's a male gay bar. It was interesting, but all the guys made us feel comfortable. Had a few drinks with our buddy, we have known him for 30 years!! we were in 5th grade together. And yes we all believed he was gay even back then, but now he is totally open about it! Still love him just the same!! Wished my best friend could have been there to see him, we all hung out during high school together. pity.

Saturday we have plans to go to the Detroit Zoo, hope the weather is as good as they are predicting, it really has put a damper to my vacation.
anyhoo, other than that it's been housework and spending some much needed time to relax.
I bought some yarn to start a new project but I have been so busy that i have not even started it.

Later all, hope you have a great weekend!

We did go to the Detroit Institute of Arts on Wednesday after Amber's procedure. had a wonderful time. I had not been there since i was like 19 years old...I had forgotten how big and wonderful it was! I think my kids were bored! But it was something to do on such a rainy day.


Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Nice busy 'vacation'! Whew!

momma/mary said...

I have been to the museum in Chicago but never to the one in Detroit. Nor have I gotten to Cranbrook. Funny how you can live right on top of some great places and never visit. Hope the zoo trip is a go. I used to love taking the kids there.

LiLu said...

I love blues! Sounds like a blast. :-)