Thursday, May 01, 2014

A quick note!!

Hey there peeps...I realize ya'll have prolly stopped reading this...And I can't say that I don't blame
But believe it or not I still drop by :)....Stupid facebook is just so much easier to keep up..

Time just slips on past...Can you believe my baby girl is graduating in just a couple weeks???? No?  neither can I!!!!  We set the date for her party it's going to be June 7th!  I'm hoping it's a big success like her brother Darin's!

I'm so proud of Amber, her grades this year have been excellent!!  She really has shown that she is serious about what she wants to be...I enrolled her in college which if you asked me last year i was not going to do!!  Because she wasn't bringing me the grades i wanted to see.  But she has decided that she wants to be a nurse, and wants to either work with babies or in hospice she says...I'm so proud...I had figured her to work with kids....always have...She is a caring soul!  And since kindergarten every teacher has said she is very i can see her doing either one of those.

We still see our little Spencer!  I love that kid!! I hope that we will always have some kind of contact with him...He's almost 2 now and he's been apart of our lives since before birth!!!

Ok i would post some more pics of Spencer, but stupid blogger won't let me cuz i didn't do it all at one time...

In other news
I finally paid off the cruise i had crashed up...Went out a week later and purchased a 2011 Chevy Traverse!!  I'm in love with it!!  I never want a little car ever again!! lol  I wold post pics of that also, but it will have to wait till the next post because i did not do it all at once...I would have thought blogger would have been

Well i'm off to crash for the night...Take care everyone...


Unknown said...

The news was great! Amber going on to school! The new car sounds wonderful so things are looking up. Keep us posted on events because we miss hearing from you. Momma

River Glorious said...

I'm glad Amber has picked her profession. It's great to know what you want to do with your life, instead of the indecision that often takes over the first two or even three years of college life. :)