Thursday, September 07, 2006

Anyone hiring?

Well, sorry it's been so long, but it's really hard to keep updating when your looking for work. While i am on vacation i was informed that when i get back my hours are going to be cut in half! My vacation that i earn will be no more, i have exactly one day left after this week. And even better they are taking away my health insurance.

Panic started to set in! And i am still nervous, but with every bad thing has a good thing. Today Frank put an application to a factory and they hired him on the spot. It's great news butttttt....He's not making nearly what he was making, but it will be 40 + hours. Which he is not getting any from his current job. When his job calls, he is going to inform them that he found full time employment elsewhere. He will be getting benefits hopefully in just a couple of months. Now it becomes my turn to go half unemployment. But at least i can look for a job with or without insurance.

I am looking for a full time job, but i will probably stay working for Blockbuster 2 days a week to supplement the loss of wages. I did make a resume..And i was going to post it on here..but it won't go on here for some reason...oh well i tried...

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Monica said...

I'm so sorry to hear about that. I know you were kind of expecting it, but when the actual news comes, its sucks.

I wish you guys lived here in NC. There are so many jobs around. Everyone is hiring here. We are even looking for a receptionist and starting pay is $25,000 so not too bad for a recep.

Hopefully you will find something soon. Your in my thoughts and prayers.