Thursday, September 28, 2006

Happy Birthday Amber

Amber's turned eleven on Tuesday! Time is flying! It feels like yesterday i had her..
The other day I was looking in the photo albums for pictures for Darin to use on a Autobiography for school project. Looking at all those pictures sent me into memoryville. It still amazes me that they were that small at one time. I started to think of all the cute things they used to do. I remember when Darin was 3 and 4 he would put socks on his hands and pretend that he was a boxer and want to fight daddy, it was so cute. Amber had a high pitch squeaky voice and would holler for Darin in the cutest of ways. I remember that we had the hardest of times to keep clothes on the girl! She would strip down to her diaper every chance she could get!
Awwwww memories!
Now she is eleven and she is going thru so much so fast, with puberty, her acne problem, and the girl is really developing if you know what i mean. Baby girl has curves!
Since i did 12 reasons i love Darin on his birthday, i think i better do Amber's 11:
I Love:
1) that she is able to speak her mind
2) that she wants to help others all the time.
3) when she tells me she loves me.
4) that she loves animals.
5) that she already knows what she wants to be in her life.
6) that she loves to listen to music and can name the song and the title.
7) that she can make me laugh.
8) that she is so adventurous.
9) that she tries hard in school
10) that she can make friends very easily
11) I LOVE that she is mine.

As you know on the 17th was my anniversary, well on Sunday i was woke up by my son standing in front of me holding a plate with a egg sandwich on it. He said "would you like a egg sandwich mom? I made it for you". I was shocked, I asked "what made you do this for me?" he said "because i didn't do anything for you anniversary". Then he told me that his sister helped with the little breakfast in bed thing. Isn't that the sweetest thing in the world?

I'm not going to talk about all the crappy stuff that's happened this week, it will only take away from all the nice things that i have said...i will write about the bad stuff next time.
You all take it easy..


gammamom said...

Ya she can identify all the songs on the hip hop channels and who sung each one. Shes got a fantastic memory for things like that! I of course wish Amber the very best BIRTHDAY EVER and so many more wonderful years ahead.
We all love her a lot!

Mallard said...

Happy Birthday, Amber! All the way from Australia!

MrsDoF said...

Happy Birthday, Amber!
Such a nice name, our neighbor girl has that name. When she was little, maybe age 4, she would tell me that amber is a pretty brown stone, and she has one in her special box and her grandpa gave it to her.

11 years old.....hmmm. I don't remember 11.
On my 10th birthday, my Uncle Tom and Aunt Katie got married, so that was cool, but 1967, the summer I turned, I got nuthin'in my head about it.

Write it down, I tell ya. All the good stuff, write it down and keep it in a precious box!!!

Monica said...

Happy Belated B-Day to Amber!

Don't your kids grow up so fast? I can't belive my kids are already 5 and 2. Before I know it, they are going to be Amber and Darin's age.... Oh they aren't exactly your "babies" anymore I mean they will always be your babies. But they aren't babies anymore!

I dread even thinking about puberty, periods, boys, girls, etc..... Ugh....