Monday, September 18, 2006

Happy Anniversary to us.

Frank and I celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary on the 17th. We have been together 14 years almost to the date. We have had our good days and of course right now we are going thru our bad days. But hopefully things will be right again soon.

We didn't do anything special because i had to work in the evening, but i was suprised at home with a card and a rose. Times are tight, so to get that was just enough....the card was really nice. Just to put the card in a nut shell, it says that he LOVES ME. And my card pointed out how lucky i am to have a man like him in my life.

Although I have told him that i sacrificed myself and married him to save all the women. In return he says that he saved all men from having just our little love

Amber started hip hop dance class today and is really excited about it. I figured in junior high and high school there are so many dances that at least she may be comfortable if she had some neat dance moves. The classes are only $7.00 a week for 15 weeks. I should be able to come up with that.

Darin wants to go on this field trip to washington d.c., he would see zoo's and museums and i'm not really sure what else until the meeting on the 28th. The teacher said that the price is going to be $600 dollars. Thankfully we can make installment payments on this. He really wants to go and of course i want to be able to give him that.

A lady at work calls me super mom, I don't think i am that...i just want what all mom's want their kids to be happy and experience new things.

Because i work in a Video store you would think that's all i would talk about right?
Well i really haven't been keeping up like i should be..
But here i go.
On Tuesday
"Stick It" -----If you have teenagers...this movie is highly recommended..It's about gymnastics with a comedy twist to it.

"Fast and the Furious tokyo" -- you know who i recommend this the men! Fast cars...everyman will be glued.
movies that are already out
"Brother Bear 2" I actually thought it was cuter than the first one.
"Sentinal" was great from what i heard.

I will try and keep up with my movies ...I might have more time to watch them now that i am not working so many hours.


Still looking for a job here...I will take anything at this point full or part time to make up the difference in hours...
I hope that all is well with you all and that all of you are happily working :)


Monica said...

You do sound like a super mom. I know we all want our kids to be able to do things and go places. $7.00 for hip hop lessons is awesome!

$600 for Darin's trip is a bit steep. How long do you have to save? Maybe you can get him involved to. Maybe he can wash some neighbors' cars, mow yards, etc. to earn some extra cash for his trip. He is old enough to do stuff like that. Plus it would make him appreciate it more.

I think we give our kids too much sometimes and they don't appreciate it. They are spoiled.

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that you will find a good job soon. Take care.

Monica said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to wish you guys a Happy Anniversary!!!!

Mallard said...

Happy [belated] anniversary! Yay!

"Hip Hop" dance classes? hahahaha... that sounds like fun!

I hope to be working soon myself - toes and fingers crossed.

Hope to be back almost every day from now on. Speak with u again soon.
Mal :o)