Monday, June 09, 2008


Sunday June 8th was a beautiful day to have a picnic Birthday party in a beautiful state park called Stoney Creek Metro Park.

It is covered in big beautiful trees.

More trees.

Here was one reason to celebrate!!!
38 years ago I was brought into this world by my wonderul mother.

It was a windy excuse the rough hair-do.

Here is another reason to celebrate...
My father turned 61 years old!!!

Yep..I was my father's biggest/smallest gift!

Not many people get a baby for their birthday.

This man is not easy to shop for! But he is very proud to be a grandfather. And usually I buy gifts for him to announce it.

He loved his cards.

My wonderful mother who put the picnic together....she loves us!

Oh and another reason to celebrate...see the dog...her name is Bunny.....
Yep it was her Birthday too!!!!! 1 years old.

They got her at the pound and her birthday is in June they just celebrate it with all the rest of us. :)

You know you taken too many pictures when you get this

Or this one..LOL

Swimming, eating, fishing, and talking was a great way to spend your birthday!
We did all this from 9 in the morning till about 6:30pm ish and then.....Out of nowhere a storm like no other came out and dumped a huge amount of water on all of our heads! I guess the party was over! So we just moved the party back to my mothers for that famous "Birthday Song" and some birthday cake!
Hope you had a wonderful weekend!


Diane said...

Happy Birthday!

Lemme see, what was I doing when I was 38?

Pretty much what you have now = a fine husband, putting some kids on the path of life, a job I did okay, friends and family around.

Yep, stay as you are and you will go far.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
aka MrsDoF

Anonymous said...

Caroline! You are so pretty! I'd almost forgotten. Happy, happy birthday to you!!! ~ Lots of love~ Bianca

nellie said...

Happy birthday caroline, sounds like you had a great day. i always enjoy being surrounded by my family, they are what makes us so special

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to you all! It looks like such a wonderful day. The park looks beautiful and no better way to spend it then with people you love, and who love you so much right back.


Team Gherkin said...

Amber's got "The Look" down apt! Uh oh! hahahahaha.

Happy Belated Birthday, Ma'am :)

Mal :)

Team Gherkin said...

That should be "pat"! Silly fingers!

Karmyn R said...

Happy belated birthday.

And be glad you aren't really a grandmother and your son can give that baby back!!!! ha ha (just because you are WAY too young to be one yet!)