Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Closest to Germany I will ever get

Thank you stimulus check! Frank and I decided to spend the day at Frankenmuth, Michigan. Frankenmuth is a little german town tourist attraction. As a treat we invited my mother and suprisingly my father wanted to come. He has never been to Frankenmuth in all of his 61 years! It was a beautiful day until around 2 in the afternoon then it poured on us.

There is so much to look at there. Mom was prepared with her wheelchair for all the walking that was involved, dad wasn't. His legs started to bother him so we did not get to check out all the stores that we wanted too, including world famous Bronner's.

We did get to eat at world famous Zehnder's known for their fried chicken. It was a fun way to spend a Sunday morning. Here is some pics and not necessarily in any special order.

Darin thought it would be funny to act like he was punching the mouse.
We did get to ride on this paddleboat! It was awesome. Look at the sky. This was just after the rain stopped. We even saw some hail earlier in the day!

Mom is enjoying herself! You can see the look of "can you put that camera away" in my daughter's face.

We visited the museum in town. They had some hands on stuff to do. Can you imagine fetching water?

Same museum...these are german settlers on the boat over.

A beautiful water fountain with statues all around it.

Me and Darin having a little fun.

Amber and Frank getting into it.
LoL...Frank was not as tall as Darin to get into it.

Mom, Dad and Darin.

Frank, Amber, Dad.
I just wish Dad was able to do alot more. Like i said there is so much to look at.

Dad was going crazy over the horse drawn carriages! Not something he has seen to often.

Now, after all thos pics...some updates.
Mini finally got her beauty treatment! It took me forever to get these pics because for some reason pointing a camera scared her and she kept running away from me...I finally trapped her in my laundry room.

We celebrated with a new collar! She is so pretty. Does she remind of a dalmation now?
The kids are loving summer vacation! Me in is always good!


Eileen said...

Wow, Frankenmuth sounds like such fun. I never heard of it, but what a fun place. It would probably the closest I ever get to Germany too!! The pictures were great, everyone look so happy. Mini is too cute!

Michael said...


And I thought I had gray hair!

Looks like everyone is doing well. Angela and Eric are good. Hope to make a trip out there this fall or next spring ... any good dates you would suggest?

Your big, little brother,


caroline said...

I need your email address...send me a note to
Frank says he would love for you to come out. Anytime...Just let us know so we can make arrangement to get some time off.

Diane said...

That town would be as close as I get to Germany. I'm not much of a traveler, I do like waking up in my own bed too much.

You all look like tourists in the best possible way for having fun!


Team Gherkin said...

Looks like a great and memorable family day out together. Yay and good on you! Good pics too. Thanks, Ma'am.

Mal :)