Sunday, July 06, 2008

Happy Belated 4th of July

This is what I love to see....My kids playing.
Our 4th of July was spent outdoors! My neighbors invited us to a BBQ and games and neighborly chit-chat!
Darin is playing a little one on one badminton.

At night we waited for the fireworks show that happens on our block every year. This would have been a nice father-daughter pic if Amber would have kept her tongue in her mouth.

Amber enjoying some sparklers

Frank and his best friend Bert. Our across the street neighbor.

Frank acting like the statue of liberty..

Can you see that my son is taller than my husband in this...he is 13.

Amber trying to pull the statue of liberty pose :)

On the 5th of July My daughter, her best friend Lisa, my parents and I went to beautiful Stoney Creek for a picnic. This is just one of the two beaches this park has. The scenery is just beautiful! This was early, before anyone started to go swimming.
Amber and her friend went for a dip. They said that is wasn't that bad...Bull Pucky! I am still in hypothermia.
Afterwards they sat in the sand and took in the "scenery" .....Lifeguards, men in bathing suits.
This is when Amber and her friend Lisa was just walking in the water.
Need to buy Amber a bathing suit. I forgot to put this on my things to do list.
Hope everyone's 4th was as wonderful as mine.
My daughter asked me if she could dye her hair...Of course I thought she wanted more carmel highlights like always...Nope...She asked if she could dye her hair black with her bangs being blonde. She saw it on the movie "Hairspray" and she keeps talking about.
The question...would you let your daughter do this?
I'm thinking about it...letting her experiment with different ways to be her own individual. It can't hurt anybody. And I have seen this ...and I think it would be cute on her. I am going to give myself a few days to think about this.
What do you think?

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Diane said...

Well, if all she wants to change is hair, I say Go For It!
Hair grows back.

Middle Son shaved his head through most of high school.
Youngest Son grew out his hair halfway down his back, then got a beautiful cut a week before his Senior portraits.
Oldest Son and his girlfriend dyed their hair Ronald McD brite red their sophomore year of college.
My biggest gripe with that was the mess they made of the laundry room sink and a couple towels.

When my sons wanted ears pierced, I said I would sign the paper when they were 13, and pay for it to be done properly.
By that age, none of them wanted pierces anymore.

A tattoo is different. I objected mightily on health grounds.
Everybody in the family has allergies of one sort or another, so I worried about the numbing solution, the dye in the skin, infections.

Plus, it's a year after getting one before blood can be donated.

My opinion about tattoos is negative, blood donation is positive, and I am loud and long about giving my opinion.

Nobody in the family has a tattoo.

And all of us who are of sound medical health donate blood.

But this is about hair.

Let the girl do her thing.