Wednesday, July 09, 2008

TaDa...A New Amber

Amber got a new look...I took her to the beauty shop near by and got some wonderful advice from the hair stylist Sue. She said that the blonde with black is wonderful for a little while but when it fades it gets ugly fast.
She recommened doing black with red bangs and I think it looks fabulous!
She used onyx black and merlow red. In the sunshine it really shows the red.

A view of the back all black.
I said "smile if you like your new do!"
guess she does :)


Team Gherkin said...

Oh, she looks gorgeous! I bet she'll be swatting the boys away with a large stick - if she wants to, that is! lol. Thanks for sharing the pics. How she's grown up in the last few years. Fantastic.

Mal :)

Diane said...

Amber looks mighty purty, yes, she does . . . .


Anonymous said...

She looks beautiful! My daughter would be very jealous, she is dying to let me color her hair that exact color.

Glad she is happy with it. Makes for a happier home! LOL