Thursday, November 06, 2008

NOT SURE-UPDATE******************************

You all know Amber had some tests done last week. Well tonight there was a message from our family doctor to call him in the morning...I was not home so now I get to freak out all night about what they found.

1. He never calls unless they find something wrong.

2. Amber says that when they did the ultrasound the woman concentrated alot on one side of her ovaries. Taking lots of meaurements of something black on the screen.

3. It could be blood test results revealed something.

I'm totally freaking out!!!! I am feeling like a failure of a mother. I should have gone to the ultrasound, but I had to work that day. I would have asked a million questions if I were there.
I should have been home for the phone call. so many things are running thru my mind but all I keep thinking is I SUCK, I SUCK, I SUCK!!!
This is complete torture!! I'm panicking and I don't even know what's wrong yet.

I could use some positive thoughts and prayers for my daughter...PLEASE!! I pray it's nothing serious. The not knowing is going to freak me out the whole night!

At 9 am and one second I made my phone call to the doctor, that's when they answer their phones. About 10 minutes of being on hold and chewing every finger nail that I have, I finally talked to him.
This is what he told me:
1. Amber has a very small cyst on her right ovarie, he says that he is not very concerned about it and that he does not think that is the reason the poor girl is bleeding so much, he says that he will keep an eye on that tho.
2. Her blood work came out normal. No anemia, and her thyroid is normal.
3. He wants to know what this month brings to her and if she has another abnormal period he will make an appointment for her to see a woman gyno.
He is not sure what the gyno will do to her at her age and all but he will do it to make certain.
So in other words not really any real answers why she is hypermenstrating.

Yeh, I know it was silly to Freak out last night, but the not knowing was driving me crazy.
Thanks for your nice comments...


Team Gherkin said...

Better to be safe in the long run, I suppose. Doesn't help your 'angst' this evening tho.

I know the ultrasound people doing the actual examination can't and won't tell you anything while it's actually taking place. That's our experience. They pass on their thoughts to the doctor, who then tells us.

Tis frustrating and angsty tho.

Ur CD is on the way - it was inexpensive to ship too! I'm sure you'll get a laugh out of listening to it!

Mal :)

Stacy said...

You do not suck and you are not a failure as a mother!
Maybe it was better that you weren't there, she might have picked up on your anxiety and made HER more nervous.

Positive thoughts to you, just breathe. :)

Middle Class Mid-West Mom said...

Cysts are VERY common. A friend of mine in High School had recurring cysts, all her GYN did was put her on birth control pills to reduce the cysts and regulate her cycle. Sounds like similar situation. I swear, girls have so many more equipment issues to deal with than boys. Just stay positive. And in no way are you a bad mom!

Karmyn R said...

I'm glad it is just a cyst. But, it might have to be removed.

My personal opinion is that you should take your daughter to the gyno anyway. Just for a second opinion because she'll know more about these matters than the pediatrician.

liz said...

You don't suck. Stop it. She is going to be fine.

T said...

Aw, you don't suck. I know that is a common feeling parents have when they worry about their children.
I don't have children, but I caused a lot of worry for my mom while I was younger, well even as an adult, I cause her to worry.

Cysts are common. It is best to see a Gyn just to be sure. Try not to worry, I know that is hard to do.

I will keep all in my thoughts and prayers.

Anonymous said...

I would have freaked out too. How very scary! I sometimes think the not knowing and waiting is worse than what the problem is.

I know my doctor told me that cysts are common but can be pesky. I hope they figure on what is going on and can help her with the discomfort.

You are a GREAT mom. Never, ever doubt that for one second.

Sending good thoughts to you.

Michelle said...

Good luck!

The Dotterel said...

Glad the news was good. Didn't stop the worry, though!

Stacie said...

hey, so glad that it turned out to not be too major.

don't beat yourself up about not being there USUALLY the ultrasound tech can't/won't tell you anything anyway!