Wednesday, November 05, 2008


This is maybe the second pray mantis that I have ever seen in my entire life. I just had to get a couple of pics of it. My neighbor found this in his backyard and I just had to get my camera...yeh..I know it's a little blurry because getting this creature to sit still was not easy.

Halloween pics of Amber...Look her hair in pig may never see it again, she is such a tom-boy!

Tomorrow's parent/teacher conference for Amber, I pray that she is doing good. I don't forsee a huge problem, but with her anything is bound to happen.
On Tuesday the kids and I went shoe shopping. Amber was easy, she picked out the same exact shoes she had...but now they are new. Her reason is because "she likes them". Ok...I'm flexible and they were not all that expensive, size 9's. Now Darin, ok...first store he did not like anything they had...moving on to a store that he suggests, it just happens to be in a "skater boy" place...
He looks over the shoes and someone comes over to help, he asks what size are we looking for and Darin tells him a 13.....the guy helps by pulling out everything that he had in a 13...yeh, Darin trys to put a shoe on and it's a "no go"!!!!! Folks, my 14 year old son is sporting a size 14 shoe!!!! The guy tells me that they are going to be like $70.00...but when we checked out, they must have been marked down to $50.00 BONUS!!!!! They are white with black skulls on the sides. He loves them, and I look like the cool mom without spending too much dough-ray-me.

(although I have never spent more than $30.00 on a pair of shoes for myself)

If my son's feet get any bigger I will have to find the nearest CLOWNS-R-US store.
I rock!!! ,signed Darin


liz said...

I do not look forward to having teenagers...

Team Gherkin said...

We get praying mantis' quite a lot... glad u got to see one up close and personal tho!

I hope Amber doesn't bash you for taking and posting those photos?! rofl :P

Mal :)

Danika said...

Well, you have got nice shoes for you, also their price is also very right.

Stacie said...

woohoo....on the great price...and Amber is CUTE, but I am sure she doesn't want to hear that ;-)