Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I have to Thank my friend Mal for the wonderful CD I received in the mail all the way from Australia. It is his first CD with this great up and coming rock and roll band called "THE NIGHT BEFORE. I am hoping for the best in everything that he will do. Please feel free to check out their website and see for yourselves.

Not much has been going on around here worth blogging about. Amber has caught the horrible cold that we all have already had.

Darin took a lawnmower that was given to us to his school to fix because it would not start, he cleaned the carburetor and some kind of "O" ring had to be replaced and he says it is working fine now. He loves the class "small engine repair" out of all his classes this is the one that he talks the most about.

Frank and Darin took off on Friday night to make their way up north to go hunting. It was a horrible weekend to go, but it was opening weekend! They camped out in the van on Friday night and bright and early Saturday they headed deep into the woods set up the blind and waited in the rain, more rain, and even more rain....I don't think it ever stopped raining on Saturday. So they fed themselves dinner and camped out in the van overnight again. Sunday they went back out to their blind and it snowed, more snow, and even more snow, lol....BUTTTT They did see a doe and Darin even fired off a shot at it! But just missed it! After all the hunting my neighbor (that went with them) put up a milk jug in a tree and told him to shot it, he did and missed. He asked my son which eye were you looking thru on your sight...he told him and my neighbor told him "your shooting with the wrong eye try your other", sure enough he nailed that jug in one shot! I feel sorry for the next deer that crosses my son's path. "poor bambi"
It was a horrible weekend, but my son said that he enjoyed himself. AWWW a little father & son bonding...(enough to make you puke, right?)

Amber had a little drama at church this week. We haven't been to church in about 12 weeks because of my schedule with work, so when we did go last Sunday one of the boys came to Amber and asked her why she helped "Lisa" steal a nail file from CVS. WTF! Yes, Amber was with her friend "lisa" but had nothing to do with it....she was with another girlfriend on the opposite side of the store when Lisa got cold busted doing it. Found out Lisa told the church that Amber helped her, and Amber stuck drugs in her drink one day and also that Amber is an alcholic. This is what your "so called best friend" tells the church when your absent! Yeh, so I went to work right away with fixing that whole situation. I was all over Lisa's butt about lying and told her to apoligize to the church and us and fix it. It was already fixed but really wanted Lisa to face what she had done.

So she calls some of the people from church and tells them the truth about Amber and then conjures up a story that I said that she was no longer aloud to go to church. WTF!!!! `I know this because one of the boys said to my daughter "your mom should not be telling people not to come to church, this is god's house not her's" HOLY CRAP! (literally) So in any event...I got the whole mess fixed (I think) I just told the boy, "ok she called you to tell you that she lied about Amber, so what made you believe that I would say such a thing?" Anyhoo...Amber is really not hanging out with Lisa anymore. They are civil because we are neighbors, but they are no longer close.

That's pretty much it for now...


T said...

That was ALOT to blog about!:)

Poor Amber, tell her she don't need friends like Lisa. It is good be civil sense you are neighbors, but that is about it. Who needs friends like that? I am so glad you handled it with the church and set everything straight. Hugs to Amber! And you!!

Middle Class Mid-West Mom said...

Ahhh High School. Now I remember why I don't miss it! Just remind Amber that nobody remember's highschool politics except for 1 night every five years or so at the high school reunion. And then they serve drinks!

Team Gherkin said...

Thank you so very much, Ma'am!

darin sounds like my JD... he's going into a mechanic's apprenticeship as soon as he's old enough. He loves doing that sorta stuff. Good on him.

I won't make any comment about people who go to church and their 'talk'.

Mal :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, you have a lot going on in your world!
First, I'm jealous that you got a copy of Mal's CD. I bet it is great. I'm so happy for him!

What an awful thing to happen to Amber. I'm glad you dealt with it head on. Hopefully, it will all blow over soon. Lisa does not sound like a very good friend. Perhaps it is good Amber found out now! It has to be so hurtful to her on some level.

The father/son bonding, made me smile. So glad I'm a mom, and can bond with my girls at a salon or going out to lunch. Being wet, hunting in the woods, just doesn't sound like fun...for me. Glad they had a good time.

So glad Darrin likes his small engine class. That would be a wonderful trade to go into. Seems like there is always a need for it. How lucky for you that he is learning this.

Take care and have a Happy Thanksgiving.