Monday, May 03, 2010

Amber Update

Where to start....

Amber went for her gallbladder test and we just found out that was normal.

The headaches that she was having was caused by the medicine (prevacid) that she was taking. She started to break out with little blisters on her face, I looked up the allergic reactions to the drug and it explained the headaches, sore throat, blisters, I immediately told her no more and started feeding her benedryl.

She was off medication 24 hours and she started vomiting everything all night.

Made her take over the counter medication that worked as well as the prevacid without the allergic reactions.

Took her back to the doctor that informed us that the gallbladder is working fine. Prescribed her another drug. and basically said that there is not much more that he can do. But....she is going for a cat scan of her brain to rule out a brain tumor....he said that in his life time of being a doctor 4 people have come with GI trouble and found out it was a brain tumor causing this. If this test shows nothing then he will stick a tube up her nose and down to her stomach to measure the acid in her another sleepless night she will have! If that shows anything....something about a surgery that they wrap something into her stomach lining. We haven't gotten that far, so he did not go to much into thing at a time here..

The new drug he prescribed, she had a whole new reaction to! Her cheeks became blood red and the rest of her face was white as a ghost, and did not stop the vomiting at all!!! She was up till 4:30 in the morning vomiting. When i woke up to hear her still vomiting I told her to go and take the over the counter drug....she was finally able to go to sleep....I am thinking that i am going to just keep her on that! She isn't having any reactions to it, so screw the doctors and prescriptions!! I have about 4 pills that i paid for that I can't even give her!!!!

I finally wrote her teachers to let them in on what's been going on and to fill them in on the reason why she is missing so much school...reactions, sick, testing, that kind of thing.

I'll keep you updated as to what is going on...Basically no one has a clue!


Stacie's Madness said...

holy cow girl...i am so sorry that she is feeling so badly. I sure hope that you guys get it figured out for everyone's sake.

Michelle said...

Good luck, that's no fun at all

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

[[[hugs]]] Blimey... still no answers... blimey... :( :(

River Glorious said...

That is tough. My DD hasn't been vomiting lately, thanks to the Lord, but she is still having gastric trouble. We'll keep on praying for her.

momma/mary said...

It has got to be hard on both her and you to go through this. Iwish there was a way to make it easier for you two.

Colby said...

Hang in there, Caroline. I'm so sorry Amber is going through this, and sorry for your family too.