Tuesday, May 06, 2008


It started yesterday...I was thinking of all the little things that happen in my house that drive me absolutely batty! I never really say anything about them ....but enough is enough..

1. why am i the only one that can put the cap back on the toothpaste?

2. why am the only one that can fold the laundry? I get volunteers to wash and dry, but heaven forbid anyone folding!

2. when washing dishes and finished, why can't anyone take the rag and wipe the counter?

3. Am i the only one that can physically install a new roll of toilet paper?

4. why am i the only one that can see a piece of paper on the floor...people walk around it for weeks...(seriously..i have tested this and its a fact) no will pick it up...i end up doing it after i have taken all i can take of seeing it.

5. After years of telling the kids to pick up the dirty clothes and put it in the hamper...I am still repeating myself like a broken record every morning. (do they ever learn?)

6. why is the worst task in the world to ask your kids is to put their clean clothes in the dressers?

7. why am i the official cleaner of the bathroom?

8. If you see something that needs dusting....can you take 2 seconds of your life and wipe it with a rag? Or even take a feather duster to it?

9. Apparently I only know how to run a vacuum. (unless i beg someone else do it while i prepare dinner or something)

10. Apparently I am the only one that knows what a mop and bucket is.

11. I have become the official " the guinea cage needs to be clean" informer!

12. Why do i have to make sure that everything that needs to be done is getting done?

13. why do i have to throw out a bottle of shampoo if it's empty?

14. why do i have to pick out the slivers of bar soap to throw away and put a fresh bar every time?

15. If i ask you where do you want to eat..it means i don't care..you pick...because if i really want something in particular, i would not even ask you where you wanted to go...we would just go.

16. If they open a closet why can't they shut it?

Alright i think i could go on and on...but i think you get my point...
All I am asking is if you see something that needs to be done...just do it...don't wait till i have a kiniption fit.


gammamoma said...

Dont you know that Mommas are the ONLY ones who notice those things! A Momma knows! LOL

Team Gherkin said...

Hey! THAT'S the sorta frustrating day-to-day nonsense I was doing with my housemate! Thankfully now he's gone!

Yes, the piece of paper on the floor experiment is true. I can vouchsafe that one for you too!!

I'm a tidy person, but of course we all have our slack periods... tis human nature. but yeah... is it so hard to put another roll of paper on the holder in the loo?!? What is it about that? lol

Mal :)

Karmyn R said...

I hear you LOUD AND CLEAR!!!

Well - my 4 year old daughter loves to get the feather duster out and clean with it - but that is truly the only help I can get some days. (but, really how many times does the TV need to be dusted in a day?)

And - the paper? OMG - the other day, there was a sheet of bright blue paper on the kitchen floor. I watched my husband step around it about 5 times in the course of an hour. Drove me bonkers.

Eileen said...

I hear you! Do you and I live in the same house?
So very, very true!!
Loved this.