Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Hope you all had a wonderful Mother's Day! I obviously had to work, which was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. When I got home I was surprised by my daughter with a homemade Mother's Day cake that my mother helped her make. Apparently it looked so good that 2 pieces was already missing from my husband and my son. It was really good! Of course my kids made me cards that says I love you all over them. I Loved it! Amber and I went to church afterwards, the sermon was the whole congregation giving a testamony about how thankful they are with their moms or how god has blessed you.

I got up to be the second person to speak. I told them how blessed I was to have a mother that is so wonderful. I spoke about blessing me after my heart attack 5 years ago. How he blessed Frank after his stroke. How we were able to keep our house after 3 months of no checks coming in on Frank's side. How i was blessed with some of the people in the church...."Ann" was a neighbor for 16 years....she babysat my children from birth till 3 years old. She adores my children. Amber was her first girl child to babysit. Also how I was blessed for having Judy and Harold in my life. They gave me my first real money in a job, Harold helped me with getting my first car. He also helped with repairing alot of my vehicles.

I'm lucky to have a wonderful husband! When a lady that is married to my "ex boyfriend" got up to ask for prayers about her husband and all of his cheating...apparently he's been cheating since the day they got married and she is going to court because one day she caught him and her together and while she drove away I guess her side mirror hit the tramp in the hip. She had to spend the night in jail because of him! I am sooooooooo grateful not to be in that relationship anymore!

I have alot to be thankful for. I stress out alot around here...but truth be told I have faith that God will work things out for me and my family he always has.
Ok...i don't know where all that came from...I started off not having much to say.

For my mother I went over on Saturday to give her a card and I also got her a combination birthday and Mother's Day gift. It was a beautiful statue that I came across, it's a little boy sitting down holding a fishing pole with a little fish dangling off it. I saw it and thought it would look awesome around her pond. I was hoping that she would have took a picture of it and put it on her blog...but she hasn't yet. *sigh*

I had a great Mother's Day all in all.
Work is going good...I have never worked in a place that tells you how much they appreciate what you do for them. When your a good worker you DO hear about it.

Did I tell you that one of my bosses gave me a "caught in the act" note? For those that don't know what that is....It's a note stating what you did and how much they apreciated it. This is a big deal! It goes in your work file and everything! Some of these people have been there for years....and never have gotten one...I have been there under a year and have one...woohooo.
Frank's birthday is tomorrow the 15th! He is taking Friday off for it.
Happy 42nd Birthday ...

Well I rambled on long enough...Like i said i sat down in front of the computer not really having anything to talk about and I ended up writing about
Take care all

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