Friday, May 30, 2008

Roo's, Donkey's, and Buffalo's OH MY!

My daughter went on her field trip to the zoo and for some reason she thought it would be ok to steal my digital camera. She got in a mess of trouble...she is so lucky she did not lose it or break it.
She goes to the zoo and no pics of lions, tigers and bears.

Hey Mal, you can appreciate this pic.

Little bit of Aussie in Michigan :)

This one looks like He/she is posing.

How was everyone's Memorial? We had planned to have a picnic with my folks, but the weather forecast for the day was rain...yeh right...turns out not a bit of rain on that day. So we stayed home and woke up to not a bit of power in the house at 8 in the morning. Still don't know why.
So our across the street neighbor came over to see if we had power, she had none also. Found out my mother about a mile away also did not have power. Next thing you know we are making pancakes on propane stoves and planning a nice BBQ for the afternoon.
Everyone got alot of sun. My poor head, face and neck and pieces of my arms got fried. It was a beautiful day.
School is almost over. I can't believe it! My son will be going to high school next year. Time goes by so fast. Also, my 38th birthday is coming up very shortly, where in the world does the time go?


Diane said...

Well, your daughter did get some nice pictures with a 'borrowed' camera!
I love field trips, especially if someone else does all the planning.

Memorial Day for me was in my hometown, so my mom and aunt and I bought faux flowers and went traipsing around the cemetery.
We had lunch at a chain restaurant, which had customers waiting.
A picnic might have been nice, the weather was lovely.

My sister and her family and a couple other relatives went out to the lake and put up their pop-up camper. They threw back all the fish they caught.


Team Gherkin said...

I thought that Kangaroo looked familiar... it's the same one as I keep as a pet here in my Billabong! Crikies! rofl rofl

Glad you had a great memorable weekend together.

Mal :)

Eileen said...

I have had my camera "borrowed" without consent too. She took some great pictures thou. I love the shots of the different animals. The buffalo, reminded me of our trip to Yellowstone, they were all over the place.

Have a good week.