Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Ok...I just did this right now! I was going to make a sign to put on the back of his van that would have said "Honk it's my 42nd birthday"...but i fell asleep early last night and did not get a chance to sneak out and do it...
Right now he is at work and when he gets home he will be welcomed to this.....Yeh, I know a little stupid and juvenile...but I think he will think it's cute..
Ok...just so you know the big dip under my picture window is where the porch is going to be just as soon as i can get it done. This is the view in front.

It's going to look nice as soon as i get that porch
*grin* It's going to be a slab porch...but i want to put up like a small wall around the porch and decorate it with flowers ...kinda like a deck...errrr i can't describe what i have in my mind..
When it's done ...ya'll will see it.
What's this....well it's the newest edition to the front garden...long story short, we are known as the turtle family...Frank has been nick-named "Franklin the turtle" from the cartoon...Hence the name "turtle family".....And I came upon this little guy while shopping and i could not can't see it here...but it's head and body moves by the wind on little springs...I got it at a real bargain! come on....I can hear you all saying Awwwwww!!! lol
Well back to the reason for the post...



Eileen said...

I think it looks really good! He will love it, even if he doesn't admitt it. Very cool.
I hope he has a great birthday and that you both have fun celebrating!

Diane said...

The Turtle is really neat.
It would not be welcome in our yard, what with a pain-in-the-butt neighbor who has all kinds of ideas about 'curb appeal' and I like to keep the peace.

Hope Frank and his birthday was all he could have wished for, and many more years to come.

~~love and Huggs, Diane
aka MrsDoF

Team Gherkin said...

That is *VERY* cool, Ma'am! Good on you! Hope you've all had a great weekend together.

Mal :)

nellie said...

hey caroline, here i am visiting you, your house is cute and i think the welcome home is a great idea, on a side note i have a turtle thing as well, love them