Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone had fun with their kids trick or treating! Darin stayed at home helping grandma pass out candy at my house. My mother passes candy over here because she lives on a one block neighborhood and barely gets any trick or treaters over there. I think she enjoys seeing the kiddo's dressed up and likes to pass the candy. In years past Frank and I would walk with our kids but now they are getting older and that's just not cool anymore. Like I said Darin stayed home, but Amber at the last minute decided that she really wanted to go with a couple of her girlfriends around the neighborhood. So she quickly put together a baby thing...I put her hair up in pig tails and drew on some little freckles and there, go get some CANDY!

I got a couple pics of her with her hair up...It's rare that she lets me do anything to it. I will post them when I feel up to it.

Still trying to get over being sick. It's more tolerable to work with now but still lingering. Frank says his is more in his chest. It's taking him longer because he is still secretly smoking.

I had to work tonight, but still got to see some really cute costumes. A 3 year old dressed like a boxer, a 8 year old dressed like Indiana Jones and a 13 year old dressed like little red riding hood, oh and I forgot a 10 month old dressed like a penguin, the most adorable thing I had seen!!!

I was hoping that I would have got home before it all ended to see some more cute costumes but it was a no go...lights were off and mom said it just stopped. I remember when i would go trick or treating it was from like 5:30 till at least 10:30pm. My legs and feet would be stinging so bad when we got home but it was worth it!

Does anyone have any memorable costumes or Halloween stories?

I have a few costumes that I remember being my favorite.
1. Mom made me and my sister into big flowers. we dressed in green and around our faces we had huge flowers.

2. I made it myself and it turned out really well. I made myself into the queen of hearts...I took some cardboard and copied a queen of hearts card, colored it and tied it onto my body. Made myself a crown and drew hearts with lipstick on my face and made myself a staff to carry. I got so many compliments it made me feel really good.

3. Some fun costumes were when we dressed like hobo's. We would wear some really old clothes of my fathers and stuff our butts with pillows and blacken our faces like we had beards.

Well these are the costumes with the fondest memories.


Team Gherkin said...

Sounds like u all had a fairly good night. We don't do anything for Halloween over here. Twas just a normal Friday night here.
Mal :)

Anonymous said...

It really sounds like a wonderful Halloween. I hope Amber got lots of candy. Looking forward to seeing her pictures!

I'm sorry your feeling so sick. I hope you are feeling better soon. Take care of yourself.

I remember being a Hobo too! I mention that to my girls now and they have no clue what that is, LOL. It was a fun costume!

Michelle said...

Thanks for the comment! We had a really fun time that night!

Karmyn R said...

I didn't get any trick-or-treaters except the ones I sent out. My husband drove the kids towards town so they could see other kids out and about too. We just live too rural to get any.

I used to go as a Hobo or Gypsy all the time when I was younger. We never had to buy anything - just bummed our parents clothing!

Amber said...

There was this tiny little boy who was dressed up as Barney, sooo cute! And when my fiance held the bowl out for him to pick candy, the kid thought he was getting all of it!