Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Today was a peaceful day off. I took Amber to the doctors, she is still having problems with her monthly. He is running tests on her thyroid and another to see if she is anemic from bleeding so often. She is also going for an ultrasound on Monday to check for possible cysts on her ovaries, just to rule everything out. Otherwise she is just D.U.B. (dysfunctional uterine bleeding). Since April it's been like the following:

April- 2 periods lasting about 8 days



July-3 periods lasting 5 to 7 days

August-1 lasting 8 days

September-1 lasting 8 to 9 days

This month she had 1 period but she was on it 13 days straight!!!

So this is why I took her just to see if there is anything that can explain why this poor girl is going thru so much.


My daughter says that her school had a mock election and her principal announced to the whole school that not 1 vote went to McCain! Not one teacher, not one student! That's pretty impressive that a whole middle school would not touch McCain with a ten foot poll!


Darin had his parent/teacher conferences and he had me thinking that he was in big trouble. The kid got mostly A's and B's...1 C+ and 1 D+ ...The D was in physical science and his teacher said that all he had to do was study a little bit more and he could be a C or B easy!

My worry was that he comes home with not one piece of homework. Turns out he is telling the truth and getting his work done and is turning it all in...but one teacher said that his grade would be much better if he turned in more quality work.
So to those teachers I told them that Darin was an honor student for a full year and I know that he can do better. Darin did not like me telling them that because he now knows that they know he can do it...yeh...I kinda put the pressure on Darin to do better.


Work is hopefully going to get better for me. I'm not holding my breath. My boss has been promising me that she will give me more hours with less days. In a 10 week schedule I had worked everyday but 6 of those days. It's starting to wear on me.

I hope Frank's work goes back to full time soon. Bills are mounting, I am trying really hard not to panic...But with Christmas around the corner and Amber's trip to Washington I just want to run and hide. Amber is trying so hard in school just to keep her grades up so that she will be able to go and I have to make it happen...Darin got to go so I have to find the way to save $675.00 before March. Darin loved the trip, he learned and saw things that I haven't even seen yet.


Anyhoo...The past couple days have really sucked. Frank and I are dealing with being sick! Pretty sure it's a horrible cold. Runny nose, congestion, muscles hurt, drained. Yucky!

Well I'm off to ZZZZZZZZ land.


liz said...

awww your poor girl. I do not look forward to having those discussions with her. My mom never even told me about it, and it just kinda happened, so I was like wtf! Then she yelled at me for getting it in the first place. Ahhh 8th grade...

Hope this get better all around!

Karmyn R said...

Poor Amber. That really sucks. I hate having them monthly - can't imagine having more than that. I hope they figure out what is wrong and if they can't - maybe the Pill will help regulate her!

(of course, since having the Caboose - I've been "free" for over a year now and am enjoying not having to deal with it!)

Team Gherkin said...

Not having daughters myself (altho my sons from the youngest age were told and reminded about the difference between guys and gals in this aspect!), that must be exhausting for poor Amber! Let's hope it's something simple.

I've been so 'over' the whole USA Presidential Election Process for about the last 18-months or so! Let's get on with it! That was an interesting school poll result tho!

I'm sure you don't know how you cope working so many days straight in a row... that'd drive me absolutely in-cracking-sane myself!

Hope your colds are all past you now, and you're feeling in tip-top fine form once again.

Mal :)

SaVanna said...

Awww! Hope you feel better soon!!

Hey, I need your email addres to invite you to be a contributor on the recipe blog..Oh, and a picture! :)

Here's the link---

Stacy said...

Ugh! Poor thing!

That is awesome to hear about the mock election! Made me smile. :)

I remember taking a trip to Washington while I was in school, it was great! I love that city! I want to go back again soon! I highly recommend the Holocaust Museum. It's a sober experience but very worth it at the same time.