Monday, October 13, 2008


Today was my day off after a 2 week stretch!! I can say that I did not do much during the day while the kids were at school, other than laundry. I definitely made sure that I did not go anywhere near the hospital!

After school I took Amber, Darin and myself to the hairdressers for some much needed haircuts! Amber of course got a trim, just to get the dead ends off and then later in the evening I colored her hair by myself...I spent $16.00 to dye it rather than another $80.00. And I think it looks just as good! GO ME! Better yet she says she likes it too!

Long day...we are a bit tired.

I just got my hair trimmed to even it out. I'm growing my hair out for something different.

Mr Handsome here..He was dying for a haircut! Did I tell you that he is already shaving at 14?!!!
Yep, He's shaved about 4 times now. He had to, the facial hair is coming out everywhere! I won't let him shave his I like mustaches. He looks so grown up!

Now in other news...He recieved an early Chrismas present from his grandparents...Because Mr. Handsome has grown up and decided that he wants to bond with his father and do that manly thing that they call hunting! Ewwww...So He got a nice 20 gauge/22 caliber rifle...Full of safety features...which eased my mind a tad. I hate the whole idea of hunting myself...but he did gut a deer with my next door neighbor while up north with him and he said that he enjoyed it. I just fear for his safety and others. But his dad assures me that he will only hunt safe.
He is happy, his father is happy to have another buddy to hunt with, and I am going to do lots of praying!!!!
I cooked dinner tonight. Something I have not done in a long time with the way my schedule is. I made some fantastic baked whole chickens with mash potatoes and green beans. There wasn't much left when we were done. Even Frank said to me the chicken was great tonight. I think it was because it's been so long since I took the time to fix a good meal.
I'm going on another 2 weeks of straight work now. We are starting to hire a few people, it's taking so long because out of the 9 people that they wanted...all of them could not pass the background I guess we have a couple now that are going to start this week.
The night shift really needs it.

I did stop to enjoy the beauty of the full moon we had tonight!!! These pictures just don't do it justice. My camera just did not capture what I was seeing...but it's pretty close.
I'm just not ready to give up my day

Just amazing. The nice sunny day we had with the beautiful crisp night that we are having is just what the doctor ordered for me.
Now I can go back to work with a smile on my face.
One of the patients grabbed me and said "Thanks for being so nice to me". I told her "You don't have to thank me, I'm just being me!"
Hope you all had a Fabulous Weekend!


Team Gherkin said...

You're all looking good! Goodness, your children are growing-up fast before my eyes! Amber's colour looks brilliant.

You seem to be working so much lately... hmmm... so long between breaks... just make sure you find some "you" time in there as well. Alright? Pwomise?

A gun, huh? My boys have access to a gun where they live out on their property, but haven't actually fired it themselves yet. Their mum has shot the occasional snake with it tho! heh heh.

Really nice full moon pics too - thanks!

Mal :)

Cheryl said...

I love the haircuts and the coloring job looks like a professional job. YEAH, for saving $80.00!!!

I hate hunting too, but I know for so many people it is part of the bonding/growing up process. None of us hunt, but we sure hear the gun shots around here. I always know when it is hunting season! Glad you feel good about his safety. That must be such a relief.

Your dinner sounds so good. Wish I had a chair at the table (nice of me to invite myself!). My family would flip too, if I cooked a nice dinner. Too hard when you work full time.

Speaking of work, Mal is right, you have been working so much. Make sure you take some time for YOU.



gammamoma said...

Grandma and Grandpa are with you praying for Darin's safety when he goes hunting with his Dad too! We dont want to be sorry that we got it for him. He seems like he is finally really enthused about a sport for a change. SAFETY FIRST!

liz said...

Thank you for the birthday wish!