Sunday, May 24, 2009


Every now and then my daughter takes a pic that absolutely catches her beauty. Who would not just love eyes like those!
They are such a beautiful blue. In some light they are very intense, and with eyeliner on it just brings them out even more.
We had a great weekend. We visited a park for a picnic, which turned out to be a lovely day there. We played cards, we bought a new game, similar to horseshoes, called Bulls-eye Washer .
Pretty fun if you like horseshoes you will like this game. Frank and I played today and he beat me by a couple points.
Today we went to the city's huge garage sale. We had never been before and it was interesting and nice...Nothing that really caught my eye that i just had to have it. But Amber found 2 more necklaces to add to her collection. One was a stone pig and one metal turtle, she got a great buy for both of them. I saw lots of earrings that i liked, but my husband said you rarely wear earrings so why buy them. I just thought "at least i would have them". But he had a point and I would put them back down. It was just nice to walk around and see a few neighbors checking out the merchandise also. The city here really does alot of nice things for us. In July they will be putting on the free concerts in front of city hall again. I can't wait. I hope they have some good ones again.
Well I'm off to make tuna noodle salad and get back outdoors.


FoxyMoron said...

What beautiful eyes Amber has. Garage sale sounds like fun. Aren't our husbands helpful by talking us out of buying things? LOL

Karmyn R said...

Yes - her eyes are gorgeous!

Mal's Team Gherkin said...

Noice photo - great blues!!! Picnics are always relaxing. Gotta love those free concerts... wish we could do something like that here, but govt. over-regulation stops any form of fun spontaneity like that here, sadly :(

Anonymous said...

Amber is beautiful, those eyes are amazing.

Glad you all had a fun day. Hope the rest of your weekend is extra special.

momma(mary) said...

Salad huh! I'll be right over--well maybe not today but we will meet soon. Enjoy you holiday!

♥Caroline♥ said...

foxy-thank you, sales are fun especially if you find something you can use.

Karmyn-thank you.

Mal-i always tell her how beautiful her eyes are. Free is always in my price

cheryl-thank you, and i am trying...i hope you are too!


T said...

Oh wow! Amber has very beautiful eyes!! Very nice photo!

Diane said...

Beautiful picture!
Does Frank have his club handy for the crazy boys?

the free music concerts on the ISU Quad happen the Mondays in July
like you, I can hardly wait!
I carry a folding chair on one arm, my crochet bag on the other, and walk for 15 minutes

I have about a hundred pairs of earrings, yet it seems the same 4 sets are my daily favorites and the rest stay in the dark of the jewelry box
I would have a garage sale to get rid of some if it were not so much work to be out in the yard talking to strangers about stuff